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How to Protect Your Vehicle with Lanmodo Portable Shelter?

Mar 6, 2019, 5:06 pm / Lara
Maybe you have heard of Lanmodo car tent cover, but do not know how to use it, there is no need to worry. This post is focused on explaining how to make use of this innovative car cover. You are going to learn way to use this car tent effectively and efficiently when you read to the end of this post.

Part 1: How to Use Lanmodo automatic vehicle Shelter

The beauty of lanmodo car cover is that it is built to be used on several car types. It is designed to be used on cars, Sedan, SUV, Pickup, SUV and others. After finding out the cars you can use the Lanmodo vehicle shelter another important thing is to learn how to use it. This is built to be operated automatically and the setup process is quite simple and short. To use Lanmodo automatic car cover you should follow the steps below:
  1. 1, Unfold the Vehicle Shelter Cloth after Bringing It Out of the Pack
    The canopy of this portable vehicle shelter usually comes folded inside the pack. So, before you can use it, you have to bring it out of the pack and unfold the canopy.
  1. 2, Mount the Stand on Top of Your Car
    Just bring out the stands needed to mount the structure. Put the pole and stand on top of your car and fix the bolt. This will make it to be tightly and strongly fitted on top of the car. Make sure that you fix the pole or the stands at the center of the car to enable you centralize the portable car cover.
  1. 3, Press the Unfold Button on the Remote Controller to Open It
    After putting the pole on top of your car another thing to do is to go ahead and make use of the remote control that come alongside with the car cover. This is operated the same way an umbrella is being operated, but this time it is done with a remote control. That is why lanmodo car cover is listed as the number one among other automatic temporary shelters for vehicles. When the canopy is fully unfolded and spread, it will cover greater part of your car cover from any elements.
  1. 4, Insert the Anti-theft Belt into Car Door, No Worry about Thief
    Lanmodo car tent can be fix together with your car by this anti-theft belt which is very strong with steel wires inside. The belt is not easy to cut.
  1. 5, Fix 4 Windproof Straps to Stable Lanmodo Car Tent

    When you set up Lanmodo car tent on the top of car roof, you still need to fix the 4 windproof straps to strength it. There are 2 windproof straps need to fix together with 2 car rearview mirrors, and another 2 windproof straps need to hook on back car door handles. Thus, the car tent can be very stable to withstand strong wind up to 29 MPH.

When you want to drive out with your car to a distance destination that will warrant you drive speedily, you should remove the car cover. How can you get this done? It is just very simple and extremely easy. The only thing you need is the same touch press on remote control button. This will make the canopy fold back in for you to unfasten the bolt and remove it. In fact, the installation and removal of Lanmodo vehicle shelter carport is completed within few minutes.

Part 2: When You Can Use Lanmodo Portable Car Shelter to Protect Your Vehicle?

If you need a vehicle shed shelter that can guarantee absolute protection to your car during winter then, Lanmodo is the brand to consider getting. This is an auto innovative car tent designed with ease of installation and use. In case you are thinking of the right time to use this portable innovative car cover you can get the information right on this post.

Some of the conditions for making use of Lanmodo innovative car cover are:

  1. Protect Vehicle from Snow & Hail in Winter
When you are looking for the best way to protect your car from hail and snow in winter, the best way to get that done is to buy Lanmodo portable vehicle shelter. This can grant you absolute protection from hail as well as snow during the winter weather.
  1. Cool Down Car Temperature in Summer
During the summer weather, one of the problems most car owners usually have is increase in car temperature. This usually results to discomfort to car users. The problem can be solved with the help of Lanmodoc ar cover. This is built with features that help in cooling down temperature of car in summer.
  1. Provide Rain-proof for Whole Year
No matter the season of the year, Lanmodo car cover can guarantee absolute protection over your car. It is built to provide rain-proofed throughout the year. Adding to the rain and waterproof it also comes with snow proof.
  1. Prevent Bird Dropping in All Seasons
You want to take your car to camping or to an outdoor space where it will be exposed to bird droppings, you need Lanmodo car cover. With the easy to clean nature of the cloth, bird droppings will never be a problem.
  1. Multifunction: Outdoor beach umbrella & Camping tent
Unlike other vehicle storage shelters that are built mainly to cover cars, the Lanmodo is built to cover both cars and human beings. It is built with multifunction features for outdoor activities such as beach umbrella, camping tent and lots more.

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