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How to keep your Vehicle's Sunroof functional

Mar 12, 2019, 4:42 pm / Evelyn Smith
Car owners are more concerned with keeping their car engine, tires, windshield, and mirror in good condition. The vehicle sunroof is easily neglected when it comes to car protection and maintenance, which is because owners easily forget the important role of the sunroof. Some drivers prefer a sunroof for the additional ventilation, some drivers also like the sporty look of the sunroof, and for those with preference for a clearer view, the sunroof is certainly one way to spice up the ride.

The Importance of Sunroof on your Vehicle

The window-like opening at the top of some SUV's and cars are generally referred to as the sunroof. While the importance of this little feature is often overlooked, it serves some important purposes. It is important to note that the sunroof will add to the exquisiteness of your car and be appealing to the eyes. In most cases, sunroofs are factory fitted on the cars and there are a number of benefits that can be linked to having a sunroof. Some of the benefits include:
  1. Improved ventilation
The sunroof is designed to improve the interior ventilation of the car when driving. When you compare the sunroof to the air conditioner in your car, the AC can be a lot more cooling but artificial. The sunroof lets in a lot more natural air. Driving with the car windows open can generate a lot of noise as you tear through the wind. This can be really disturbing to the ears and makes conversation a lot more difficult. This makes the sunroof more ideal for use in situations like this.
  1. Adds beauty to your car
The sunroof is becoming a growing fashion trend on cars today, especially among the youth. If you're looking for a way to make your car stand out and feel a lot more comfortable, you should consider upgrading with a sunroof.
  1. Allows you a clear view of blue sky
For those who love to enjoy the view of blue sky, the sunroof provides you this great opportunity. It makes the driving experience more memorable and relaxing.

Tips to take Care of your Sunroof

  1. Invest in Portable Car Shelter
The portable car shelter is one way to keep your sunroof protected all the time. Investing in the Lanmodo car shelter is definitely a wise choice. You can easily spread it out to give your car and sunroof the required protection. The Lanmodo is made from high-quality Oxford material for improved strength and long lasting experience. It is lightweight and can be packed, very convenient to take it out by putting it in your car trunk, therefore you can use it anywhere and anytime. With the Lanmodo portable car shelter the exquisite looks of your car and sunroof lasts much longer, what's more, the car shelter is beautiful in design and attractive.
  1. Test for leakage
Like other parts of your car, it is important to carry out a routine check of your car sunroof to ensure there are no leakages. Leaking sunroof can be very disturbing and makes both you and passengers very uncomfortable. Ensure to identify and fix any form of leakage to your sunroof for a better driving experience. One of the major causes of sunroof leakage is the clogged drain tube. Unclogging the drain tube can be an easy way to remedy the situation. This leads us to the next point, which is cleaning the sunroof.
  1. Clean your sunroof regularly
Cleanliness is very important when it comes to maintaining the looks of your vehicle sunroof. There is a simple technique for cleaning your sunroof. First, open the sunroof and identify the drainage holes usually situated at the two front corners. Ensure to dust regularly and gently get rid of debris and droppings on the sunroof. Don't wash down dust through drainage hole to avoid clogging. It is advisable not to run a coat hanger down the holes or attempt to blast it with compressed air. This acts can either damage the drainage tubes or cause them to disconnect. One simple way of cleaning is by the use of a vacuum and tubing with a small diameter. Attempt sucking out the clog. In more severe cases, you may be required to run a plumbing snake down the tube to break up difficult clogs.

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