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How To Keep Your Car In Good Condition

Mar 13, 2019, 11:36 am / Evelyn Smith

Having a car is fun and convenient. However, it might also give you headaches because of high repair costs. The good news is that you can avoid these extra expenses by taking care of your car. This will not only save you money but also time and energy. So here are some simple yet effective ways to do car protection and maintenance yourself!

1. Don't drive recklessly

When you have a car, it gives you a sense of freedom to drive anywhere and at full speed. The rush of the wind and the feeling of running fast gives you the adrenaline that makes everything fun. However, this is not a good idea especially if you want to be a responsible driver. Driving at full speed will give more stress to your car especially if it has a low power and you try to push it over its limit. Another thing that responsible drivers should do is to avoid driving on rugged roads as much as possible.

2. Wash your car regularly

Washing your car regularly is a must if you want to keep the car paint glossy and vibrant. Having a car with good looking paint makes you even more proud to drive it around the city and show it off to your friends. Unfortunately, there are a lot of elements around us that can damage your car. Some examples of this are dust and mud. If you don't clean these immediately, they will accumulate and permanently damage your car paint. Washing your car regularly doesn't mean you have to spend so much money. You can wash the car body yourself according to instructions.

Invest in a portable car shelter

A car shelter gives your car the protection it needs so it will stay in good condition, The sad truth is that not all of us has a covered parking lot or garage at home. If you want to keep your car well maintained, then you should invest in items like a portable car shelter. It's one of the best ways to prevent bird droppings, dirt, UV rays, hail and snow from damaging your car.

Lanmodo portable car shelter is the best choice if you want a car shelter that could extend the life of your car. It's fully automatic so it's really easy to install and uninstall. Additionally, there would be situations where you'll have to park outside and leave your car under harsh weather conditions. Luckily, Lanmodo car shelter is made of high-quality materials that can cool down car temperature in summer and shield your car from freezing in winter. This car shelter also comes with a lot of bonuses. You can use it as a camping tent or a beach umbrella as well. But what's really more amazing is that this car shelter is extremely portable because of its size. You'll have no problem carrying it around.

4. Pay attention to tire pressure

Another thing to keep in mind when you have a car is to maintain your tire pressure so that you would have a smooth drive. There are various tire pressure requirements for every season and temperature so make sure that your tires have the right amount before going for a long drive. If you are planning on driving during winter or rainy days, use tires that are made for these seasons. You would be safer on the road and it would be easier for your car to run on slippery surfaces.

5. Wax the car

Just like what we've mentioned previously, you can wax the car on your own because there are instructions on the label of the wax, so that the paint will still look fresh and new. Using wax will give that sparkle and shine that can make people turn their heads. Aside from this, the wax can give your car extra protection against pollution and dirt. If you're worried that this would give you so much hassle, then you should know that most wax would last months. The best kind to use is a synthetic wax that has a nanotechnology because this gives extra shine and protection to your car.

6. Clean bird droppings off your car ASAP

Bird droppings may seem harmless, that's why people don't pay too much attention when this gets in their car's body. However, bird droppings can really damage your car paint if you don't remove it immediately. The bird droppings have acid content that can penetrate the protective layer of your car paint. This could make the paint uneven and could cause patches or scars. On the other hand, bird droppings on your car would look gross so clean it as soon as you can.

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