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How To Extend The Life Of Your Convertible Roof

Mar 13, 2019, 11:24 am / Brian Lageose

It's nice to have a car with a convertible top. It looks cool and allows you to experience the fresh air while driving. A lot of people dream of owning a vehicle with this feature. If you have a car with a convertible top, you must know then that taking care of your roof is important. You have to maintain it to avoid any problems because getting a convertible roof repaired is going to cost you a lot. So do your best to extend its life using the following tips.

1. Lubricate

It's really a joy to drive your car with the convertible top down, especially during the summer. This is made possible by the joints, cables, and hinges that your convertible has. If these parts are damaged, it will be difficult for you to use your convertible roof again. Use a lubricant such as lithium grease to make it easy for you to open and close your roof and prevent it from getting broken.

2. Wash Your Roof Properly

Washing your convertible roof is important so that there will be no dirt that builds up and damages the material. However, it is also a must to take note of the kind of material that your roof is made of because the cleaning technique and tools that you can use will depend on it. Some cleaning methods for a vinyl top might not be applicable for a fabric top, so make sure to know the material of your roof precisely. Use cleaning products that are specifically made for the kind of roof that you have. For convertible tops that are made of fabric, use only soft-bristled brushes and rub the dirt off gently.

Keep in mind that compared to regular car tops, convertible tops are more fragile so you shouldn't take it to high-pressure car washes. As much as possible, only hand wash your car's top to avoid damaging the components of your convertible and prevent water from getting into the vehicle.

3. Apply A Vinyl Protectant

Vinyl has the tendency to get cracked while a cracked convertible top is not a pleasurable sight. If you want your investment to last longer, use a vinyl protectant for your vinyl convertible top. This will not only save your roof from cracking, but also from fading. Look for a product that will also protect the vinyl from the harmful UV rays.

4. Clear The Deck Before Putting The Top Down

Always remember to clear the deck area before you put it down. If you don't check it, there might be materials that can scratch or damage the plastic window of your convertible. It's also a must to check if something fell into the compartment before you fold the top. A convertible top is easy to damage, so keeping it free from obstructions when closing or opening it must be one of your top priorities.

6. Take Advantage of Portable Car Shelter

You will also have a problem about protecting the convertible roof when parking your car outside. So if you want to keep your investment in great condition, a portable car shelter like the Lanmodo folding car shelter will take the worry away.

Lanmodo is the world's first automatic car shelter and it can protect your convertible roof like no other. It can cover your car completely, but at the same time, it can be folded into a size that is very convenient to bring everywhere. Lanmodo won't take much space so it's really great for convertible cars with limited space. Aside from this, it's really easy to install. It won't take you a lot of time to install this car shelter on your car because it comes with a remote control to open or close the car shelter. With strong military fiberglass structure, Lanmodo portable car shelter will maintain your convertible roof and the whole car body in good condition. Just one thing, Lanmodo needs to be fixed on hard metal or glass sueface.

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