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How To Do Car Maintenance In Four Seasons?

Mar 13, 2019, 2:34 pm / Abigail Williams

Having four kinds of seasons can be fun. You can go to the beaches with your family and get a tan under the sun during the summer, enjoy a winter wonderland, and admire the beauty of spring and fall. Having different seasons mean being able to see the changes in nature. It's amazing how we can adapt to these seasons. However, not every car owner knows that their vehicles are also affected by these changes. If you're still not sure about the car maintenance that you need to do for all these four seasons, then here's a useful guide for you.

1. Spring car maintenance

After the winter season, you'll be craving for some outdoors. This is the perfect time to take the whole family for camping or a road trip. The temperature is getting warmer and your vehicle should be ready to take this change. The first thing that you might want to do is to make sure that your coolant system is in good condition since your car would have a higher temperature than the temperature outdoors. This is also the perfect time to wax your car since you'll be having long drives under the sun and the rain might come with spring. Most probably, you didn't open your air conditioner during the winter so let it run it for a few minutes before driving to get rid of the bad smells.

2. Summer protection

Achieving your tan is one of the best things that comes with the summer heat. However, it's also annoying especially when you leave your car outside and feel that it has absorbed the heat of the environment. The harsh UV rays of the sun also damage your car's paint and the interiors of your car. A lot of people use sunshades for their cars. This would help protect your interiors but won't prevent your car from heating up. If you want to reduce the stress brought by summer, then you should look for something like the Lanmodo all-weather car shelter. This car shelter eliminates the need to finding parking lot everywhere you are going. Lanmodo is like a shield that prevents sun from heating up your vehicle. This means that even if you leave your car outdoors during summer, it won't turn into a heat stove.

Lanmodo is perfect for all seasons because it's a durable umbrella that covers up your car from the harsh weather conditions. Unlike car covers, you can easily set this up on top of your car. This is the world's first automatic car shelter and it would surely save you from a headache. Whether it's winter, spring, summer, or fall, Lanmodo all-weather car shelter does a great job at protecting your car. You can set it up anywhere because of its portability, which means that even if you don't have a garage at home or if you can't find a covered parking area, your car will have shade.

Lanmodo all-weather car shelter

3. Autumn

In Autumn, bird droppings and fallen leaves may affect the health of your vehicle. Some people don't see these as serious threats to their vehicles. But if you don't give attention to these small things, it can lead to bigger problems. Bird droppings are acidic which can damage your car's paint. The fallen leaves from trees can also ruin your car paint because they will produce acid during the decomposition process and leave dust. That's why you should always remember to clean off such things immediately. Avoid parking in areas with a lot of falling leaves, and wash your car weekly.

4. Winter

Perhaps one of the biggest problems that you will encounter as a car owner is snow and hail. These two elements will give you headaches since they are extremely harsh not just to your automobile's exteriors, but also to the internal parts of your vehicle. Without proper maintenance, you will face huge repair costs because of this season. So it's better for you to place towel on windshield in case of glass crack. Aside from this, it's best to monitor your tire pressure or invest in winter tires to avoid encountering serious problems while driving on the slippery road.

snow and hail

Even though our cars are made up of strong metal, they are still not safe from the damaging effects of changing seasons. Just like us, they need to be properly maintained to prevent any problems that would cost you a lot in repairs.

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