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FAQ About Vehicle Maintenance and Protection

Mar 13, 2019, 2:03 pm / Evelyn Smith

There are questions people raise often about the car maintenance and protection. The following conversation between Mr. Andrew and Benard will answer some of them.

Andrew: Hi, recently, I have purchased my dream car, really fabulous! Looks shiny from the inside to the outside. It's also an amazing car in terms of performance and handling.
Benard: Congratulation Mr. Andrew! This car must be very valuable to you. You need to protect it well to ensure you enjoy it for a long time.

Andrew: Yeah, I've seen quite a number of old and broken cars, they look really miserable. I've heard a lot about vehicle maintenance lately. Is vehicle maintenance really important?
Benard: Yes, vehicle maintenance and protection is, in fact, a necessity for every car. As a car owner, you should ensure that your car is in good shape. Regular car maintenance helps to boost car performance and save repair cost. A well-serviced car gives you better driving experience. When a car performance is optimal, it helps improve fuel efficiency and reduce consumption. A well-functioning car also improves driving safety. Accidents have often been linked with poor car maintenance. If you wish to extend the life of your car, then consider regular maintenance. Regular checks and maintenance will help prevent a total breakdown. It is a form of preventive measure rather than repair. It costs less to maintain your car than to repair. As a new car owner Andrew, you should be making plans on how often you will be maintaining your car.

Andrew: I see, so what should I do when it comes to vehicle maintenance?
Benard: Well, it depends on which part of your vehicle you wish to maintain. There are different ways to maintain different parts of the vehicle.

  1. Car fluids:
  2. Car fluids include engine oil, coolant, power steering fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid and windshield washer fluid, each one is an essential factor to vehicle performance. Make it part of your routine to check your car fluids because shortage of fluids can be very risky and unsafe for both car and driver. Shortage of engine oil can cause your engine to knock and ensure there is enough water in the coolant as well as brake fluids.

  3. Car tires:
  4. Always make sure to check car tires and adjust the pressure when necessary. Ensure that tires are properly gauged. Ensure to change worn out tires as soon as possible. Invest in winter tires during the winter season because these specially-made tires have a better grasp of icy road.

  5. Car body:
  6. Endeavor to wash your car regularly and properly. Practice waxing after wash to protect your car from the sun UV rays. For better car body protection, you can also invest in a quality car shelter like the lanmodo. Lanmodo foldable car shelter has an advantage over the fixed car shelters in that Lanmodo is portable and easy to carry out. You can take lanmodo anywhere and give your car protection when parked outside.

Andrew: Really, tell me more about the Lanmodo?
Benard: Lanmodo is designed with a solid frame and 3-ply material for stability and strength. It is also easy to install, once placed on car roof, all you need is to open the car shelter manually or by remote control. It takes just 8 seconds for the device to spread out. The lanmodo is a four-season car protector: acts as a barrier between your car and the solar UV rays and protect cars from snow and hail in winter. It is certainly a necessity for every car owner. TheLanmodo car shelter can also be converted into an outdoor umbrella or a camping tent for those who love outdoor activities.

Andrew: Wow! Your words are really encouraging. I have learned a lot from this conversation. I will try the suggestions you've pointed out today. I really love to extend the life of my car.
Benard: I am pleased you learned one or two things from our little conversation. Hope your car stays in good condition and last for a long time.

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