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Electric Cars: Pros, Cons, and How to Maintain It

Mar 13, 2019, 8:10 pm / Abigail Williams

Electric cars are making massive technological strides since the day they came into existence and their popularity is increasing by the minute with each passing day. But, there are still some drivers who are hesitant about switching to the electric cars and leaving behind gas-powered cars. This is mostly because of the lack of knowledge that people have regarding the electric cars; undoubtedly have their own set of shortcomings but the considerable benefits of owning one can't be overlooked. Today, we want to talk about the pros and cons of electric cars along with the ways electric cars can be maintained.

Pros of Electric Cars

The pros of electric cars are obvious, not only will you spend way less money on it in the long run but also the visits to the car mechanic will significantly reduce. However, it doesn't stop here. Take a look at the list of pros.

  1. Environmentally friendly -
  2. The primary reason for many to make the investment on electric cars is because they don't harm mother Earth. The electric cars don't have exhaust system, which means they don't emit harmful gases. If you switch to such environment friendly cars, every being on the planet will be healthy.

  3. Cheaper maintenance -
  4. Because these cars will operate on electricity you don't need to worry about maintenance that is related to the combustion engine. The brakes used in an electric car doesn't wear off as easily as the conventional cars. Besides, electric cars will run on one third of the total cost that you spend on gasoline. Electricity is any day way cheaper than gas.

  5. No noise -
  6. We have all experienced the headache that rush hour traffic brings with it. You are well aware if the noise that conventional cars produce. On the contrary, electric cars produce absolutely no such sound.

Cons of Electric Cars

Nothing is flawless, and this applies to electric cars as well. You need to know about the cons of electric car before you purchase it.

  1. Low mileage of an electric car -
  2. Now, this is a serious problem that needs your focus. The electric cars when fully charged go only 100 miles. Now just a few models that can cover a distance of 300 miles, which is definitely low mileage compared to gas-powered vehicles.

  3. Recharging will take you much time -
  4. It takes only a matter of seconds to refill your car with gasoline but to charge your electric car can be a time-consuming procedure. There are electric cars that can even take twenty hours to fully charge.

  5. It is expensive -
  6. If you have never browsed through electric cars, then let us tell you that this state-of-the-art technology cost a fortune. Even the models that aren't that fancy is good enough to burn a hole in your pocket. Unless technology advances further and the cost of manufacturing these cars reduces, they will continue to be so expensive.

Proper Guidance to Electric Car Maintenance

The electric cars operate without any gasoline generator and require little maintenance in comparison to the gasoline vehicles. The regenerative braking system, fewer moving parts, and reduced amount of fluid are the reasons it doesn't need that kind of maintenance. However, there are some ways to maintain electric cars that you should know.

  1. Care of brake and tire -
  2. You need to perform thorough maintenance of the braking system twice a year for better performance.And follow the guideline that is mentioned in the manufacturer's book. This will increase the longevity of the tires.

  3. Battery system replacement -
  4. The battery system of the electric vehicle needs more maintenance. The lifespan of the battery pack is limited because it tends to lose efficiency with the passage of time. You need to replace the battery if you have owned an electric car for long enough.

  5. Car exterior maintenance -
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