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Choose a Portable Car Shelter to Away From Danger of High Temperature

Mar 6, 2019, 5:55 pm / Lara

You can need portable cover irrespective the season of the year whether in the hot summer or cold winter. Allowing your car to be on direction sunlight can result to increase in temperature which will put your car into serious danger. That is why you need Lanmodo portable car garage shelter offered here.

Part 1 The Danger of High Temperature and Importance of Sunshade for Your Car

  1. In summer, if under hot sun or expose for whole day the car inside temperature might get very high even over 70°C, but it is known that human body will easy get hurt when their body in a high temperature over 40°C. Can you image the situation if you stay in a car with high temperature around 60°C or 70°C? How danger and terrible it will be! For car owner, it will be important and useful to have a good sunshade for your car in summer.
  2. Your car will be at great danger when you allow the temperature to be increased unnecessarily. Majority of accessories found on cars are made of plastic materials. These materials have the tendency to easily emit bad and toxic gases when the temperature is increased. That is the reason why you have to avoid allowing your car temperature to increase unnecessary while parked under the heat of the sun.
  3. The aging of your car accessories will be accelerated with increase in temperature like paint, metal, leather accessories, etc. For that reason, if you do not want your car to age quickly, you should avoid exposing it to the intense heat from the sun.
  4. If there is something like carbonated drink, lighter, power bank, mobile phone, perfume and others, your car will be at greater danger at higher temperature. That is the reason why you have to make sure that you do not allow heat from the sun to cause increase in your car temperature. In fact, excessive high temperature of your car with any of the above mentioned your car can result to fire outbreak. That is the reason why you have to avoid allowing the temperature of your car to be increased due to long sun exposure.

    Just with good sunshade for your car, you will be able to avoid direct heat from the sun from heating up and increasing the temperature of your car to cause dangers.

    Part 2 Lanmodo Portable Car Shelter Makes Life Better and Safer

    There is no other car cover or sunshade that can give your car better than what you can get when you make Lanmodo portable shelters for cars. It is an innovative car cover designed to make life not just better but also safer. Some of the reasons for this include:

    1. The anti-heated theory in Lanmodo car umbrella makes car feel cool. The heat coming from the sun will not directly come on your vehicle when you have it covered with the Lanmodo car umbrella, and the air can flow between car and the umbrella to make it cooler. For that reason, the temperature different of the car with Lanmodo car cover and the one without will be up to 36°C. In fact, if the car expose under hot heat for long time, your car bonnet can be hot enough to even fry an egg without Lanmodo car umbrella. With this good car shelter, not only make your car cool, but also can protect yourself from the dangers those caused by high temperature of cars.
    2. A Portable car cover will always make your car cool anytime and anywhere. Lanmodo is just the portable car umbrella you need to go for when you searching for car shelters portable. It is built with the feature that will ensure proper and suitable protection for your car at any point in time and even anywhere you go. Just keep Lanmodo car sunshade in your trunk, no matter where you are and where you want to go, you and your car can away from high temperature.
    3. The folding structure of Lanmodo is another thing that made the choice every car lover needs to make. The open size of this Lanmodo portable garage carport shelter car canopy which is able 2100mm x 4000mm is enough to cover any size of car and do perfect sunshade job. The portable folding size of this car umbrella made it easy to store inside your car without taken over the entire storage space. So, you can easily take it anywhere while inside your vehicle.
    4. Lanmodo car umbrella offers multi-function functionality. The multi-functionality feature of this car umbrella is among the reasons why it is now the best among other portable car shelters in the market. It can serve you well the cold winter, hot summer and even protect your car from snow fall, bird dropping, acid rain and others. In fact, it has multiple functions for your car.
    So, if you want to make your car really cool and safe, you need to go for Lanmodo portable car shelter as it is built to make your car look cool, feel cool and be safer at any time and every where.

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