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5 Benefits of Lanmodo Portable Car Shelter Over the Traditional Garage

Mar 12, 2019, 4:47 pm / Brian Lageose
For a long time now, the traditional garage has been used when it comes to protecting our car from the harsh effects of different weather. However, the disadvantages of these traditional car shelters cannot be neglected. Traditional garage can be either too heavy or even too expensive and not everybody can easily afford it. In dealing with all these side effects, the portable car shelter was created as a good alternative. Notwithstanding, a lot of people are still not aware of the numerous benefits of the portable car shelter. This article will look at the manifold benefits of the Lanmodo portable car shelter and why it is certainly your best choice.

1. Portable car shelter costs less

When purchasing a mobile car shelter, the first thing that comes to mind is the price of the product. No matter the brand, the price can certainly be a determinant factor that can determine the final choice. A quality product with a relatively low price is bound to be selected over the expensive ones. The same is true for portable car shelters. The portable car shelter, when compared to traditional garage, is cheap but that doesn't mean it's not of good quality. The Lanmodo brand is built from high-quality material to ensure you enjoy all the benefits that come with a car shelter. If you wish to cut down on the cost of car shelters, then invest in the Lanmodo car shelter.

2. The Installation process is very easy

Compared to your traditional car shelters that require a lot of time to install, the Lanmodo portable car shelter is very easy to install. It is made up of a simple structure that consist of a solid frame and high quality covering material for enhanced protection. Installing the lanmodo can be done in minutes. You no longer need to spend all that long hours just to get your car sheltered well. The Lanmodo car shelter comes with two different models which are the semi-auto and the auto type. The auto-type comes with a remote control to make it easy to operate. Once installed, it takes just 8 seconds to open and cover your car with one push of the button.

3. The Lanmodo car shelter is very versatile

The lanmodo car shelter is very versatile and designed to be put to other numerous uses. While they can protect your car from the harmful effect of the weather, they can also serve as fishing umbrellas on a hot summer day to keep you safe from the harmful effect of the sun UV rays. They can also serve as beach umbrellas. The Lanmodo comes with an additional stand that makes it easy to be mounted as a beach umbrella and an extra USB port to ensure your mobile device does not run out of battery. It can withstand the wind up to 30 MPH.

4. It is convenient to take out

You certainly cannot move the bulky and fixed garage to cover your car when outside, but the vehicle is vulnerable to outdoor damages, here comes the Lanmodo mobile car shelter to solve this problem. Lanmodo car shelter is made of lightweight material and can be packed, so it's very convenient to be taken out. It is designed to ensure your car does not carry more weight than expected. Keeping your car safe is something you do all the time since you may never be able to tell when and where the bad weather will hit you. This is why the Lanmodo is designed to make the job of keeping your car protected easier and more convenient. The Lanmodo brand is certainly one you can rely on to provide the required protection your car needs in every weather conditions.

5. Lanmodo car shelter can be customized

Are you tired of all those boring and dull car shelters? Are you looking for something that fits your style and demand? With the Lanmodo brand, you can now get a customized car shelter that meets your taste and design. There are so many color options to select from the Lanmodo brand. If you are not a huge fan of custom colors, you can go ahead and create your own color combinations. For those looking for a way to advertise their products on the go, the Lanmodo brand offers you the opportunity to do this with ease.

Investing in portable car shelters are certainly very convenient and a good way to ensure that your car is protected all the time. So it is more important to go for a high-quality portable car shelter like the Lanmodo brand to enjoy all the true benefits of the mobile car shelter.

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