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Advantages of Lanmodo Car Shelter Over the Car Covers

Mar 12, 2019, 7:03 pm / Abigail Williams

Car covers have been popularly used for a long time as a replacement for the bulky garages or carports. However, they have their own loopholes. Car covers may not always be able to protect your vehicle against harsh weather conditions. Not to forget, you also run the risk of your car covers being stolen! In view of all these weaknesses, Lanmodo has designed an innovative car shelter. Let's see why a Lanmodo car shelter is better than the other Car Covers.

1. Installing a Lanmodo car shelter is super easy

Setting up car covers can be a tedious task because you must manually put it on and take it off every day! You may even give it a miss in days when you feel too lazy to cover your vehicle. Also, there are car covers that take a very, very long time to install. This is where Lanmodo Car Shelter wins brownie points.

The Lanmodo car shelter comes in semi-automatic and automatic type, but both can be installed completely in half a minute and takes only 8 seconds to open and close. How easy and convenient it is, and you get to save so much time and effort too!

2. Lanmodo car shelter is more beautiful

You may have seen or noticed that most car covers usually come in very dull colors, typically black or grey. They score very low in appearance, don't you think? Also, such car covers are so common in looks, you may find it difficult to differentiate your own from your neighbor's. Even identification of your own car in a crowded space can be a tough task, when your vehicle is hidden behind a cover that has a very typical color. Imagine situations when you forget where you parked your car! What a misery!

When it comes to Lanmodo, you enjoy a whole new experience. It is aesthetic and takes the appearance of an umbrella. Lanmodo Car Shelter looks elegant and seems like the perfect roof over your car. It stands out in a crowd of a thousand other cars also because Lanmodo gives you the option of customization, therefor the car shelter is not only available in a number of beautiful colors, but you have the option to design your own car shelter as well. How exciting!

3. Lanmodo car shelter is safe

While car covers can be easily stolen by anyone if it is not chained properly (again a tough task); there is no such risk when it comes to the Lanmodo Car Shelter. Lanmodo Car Shelter is not only just secured by a remote-control system, but also comes with an uncuttable anti-theft belt too.

4. Lanmodo car shelter is versatile

The maximum a normal car cover can do for your vehicle is to offer protection against harsh weather conditions. Note there are certain covers that do not have the ability to protect your cars against rough hailstorms, leading to the vehicle getting damaged.

This is where Lanmodo is different. The Lanmodo Car Shelter is designed with military fiberglass structure that it can protect your car during four seasons, whether it's UV rays in summer or snow and hail in winter. Offering protection is just one aspect of the multipurpose Lanmodo car shelter! You can easily set it up as a fishing umbrella or a beach umbrella with an adjustable stand , so as to save yourself against the heat, or you can use the car shelter as a movie canopy, or a camping tent where up to 7 people can accommodate!

Now that you have learned about the various advantages of the Lanmodo Car Shelter over other car covers, don't be late in gifting your car the best ‘umbrella' ever!

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