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A New Portable Carport All Car Drivers Should Know

Mar 6, 2019, 4:58 pm / Lara
Just as you need special care to remain healthy and feel well your car also needs the same care and protection to be in tip-top-shape. You must ensure that you get your car prepared against any weather or season of the year including summer and winter and other weather conditions depending on the part of the world you find yourself. One of the things to do in order to ensure that your car is well protected and secured is to provide it with portable carport. But, there are so many of the portable car ports that one may even wonderful the best to go for. If that is what you need, the information provided here is just what you need.

The Traditional Portable Carport

When it comes to providing your car with the suitable protection it requires, people's mind normally go to the traditional carport which they know too well. The reasons why people go for the traditional carport are:

  1. Large Enough To Cover The Entire Car: The traditional carport is built in large size to cover entire part of car body. It can cover jeeps and even buses. In that regard, there will be no need to worry yourself about leaving part of your vehicle uncovered when the vehicle is right inside traditional car cover. But, the problem with this traditional car cover is that it is huge and not portable at all. So, it cannot be carried along easily anywhere you go with your car.
  2. Built With Features That Protect Car From Harsh Weather: With traditional car cover, your car is going to be completely protected from harsh weather. Winter will not be a problem of your car when the car is parked right inside the traditional car cover. Also, summer heat from the sun will no more bother you when you have your car covered with the traditional carport. But, the traditional carport is not mobile or portable.
  3. You Need Not To Operate It after Installed: Traditional carport once installed does not need to be reinstalled when one want to make use of it. But, the problem is that installation is difficult and requires the help of more 2 people at a time. So, if you want a portable mobile, easy to use and simple carport, the traditional car cover will never be an option for you.

The Lanmodo Portable Car Port

The Lanmodo car umbrella is an innovative and well built portable car port built with the features that are not found in the Traditional carport. Some of the important features of the Lanmodo innovative car cover that made it the best among other portable carports in the market today include:
  1. It Is Portable Carports: The portability of innovative Lanmodo car umbrella is just one of the major reasons why all car owners need it. This umbrella can easily be folded and store inside car trunk without taking up entire space. Also, the portability when use is the reason why you can install it in all kinds of cars including SUV, Sedan, mini car and others
  2. Serve In All Seasons: Whether it is in the hot summer, winter, raining or dry season, this car umbrella is the choice you need to make. It is perfectly manufactured with the features that made it suitable for all weathers. It can protect your car from hot sun controlling the temperature of the car, protecting the car from dust, bird dropping and others.
  3. Good for Outdoor Summer Activities: If you want to enjoy good family time during summer and want to provide your family with coverage, then Lanmodo is the choice you need to make. Your vehicle will also be completely protected when you have this innovative umbrella covering it.
  4. Protect Car Against Intense Snowfall: Snowfall is one of the harsh weathers that can completely damage your car. For that reason, you need a car umbrella that will protect you completely; the Lanmodo umbrella is the choice.
  5. Easy to use and install: Installation of this portable carport is quite easy as it can be done automatically using remote control. That means even your little child can put on this umbrella over your vehicle just by pressing on the remote control.

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