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A Detailed Checklist to Winterize Your Car

Mar 13, 2019, 11:31 am / Brian Lageose

If your car's external beauty and overall safety matter a lot to you, then it is time you think about the different ways you can take to winterize it, because winter is coming and this is not a good news for your car. How to help your car survive the harsh weather conditions? We have prepared a checklist for you to follow if you want the overall protection of your car from the harmful weather conditions.

The car body

Your car body is the largest and most vulnerable area in winter, because it may suffer from snow build-up and hail. In addition, the cold weather can damage the paint. Therefore the protection of car body must be done carefully. Lanmodo winter car shelter will do a wonderful job.
The Lanmodo car shelter is way ahead of time and show how innovation has taken car protection into a new stage. It comes with a large canopy that is enough to cover the overall body of your car. Besides, you can easily install the Lanmodo winter car shelter with a remote control, which doesn't require manual effort. With a military fiberglass structure, Lanmodo car shelter can protect your car from falling objects, snow, and hail, so you don't have to worry about the car body being dented, which also save you repair money. The Lanmodo car cover for snow has been tested and it functions well even at -20 degrees. This proves that Lanmodo car shelter surely can protect car body from freezing in cold days.

Windshield and Wipers

Snow can gather around your windshield and cause problems to both your glass and wipers. The Lanmodo car shelter is perfect to keep the snow away. It is a huge, easy to use, and versatile umbrella. Lanmodo winter car shelter stretches and covers your car's hood. This prevents the snow from causing any damage or accumulating on your wipers. The wiper of your car is attached to the windshield. It is important that you remember never to use hot water to directly rinse the windshield. You may end up destroying the wiper and breaking the glass. All you have to do is scoop up the collected snow and remove it from the car.

Car Heater

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about winter? Heat. Of course, heat. This is applicable even when you are on the road, driving through the snow. Car heaters have been designed to keep you comfy, warm, and most importantly safe as the weather outside becomes unbearable. It is important that you consider ways to winterize your car if you are driving on snow-covered, icy roads. Not only do you need a car heater, but you have to make sure that you clean out the core tubes in your heater. This is important because only then will the car heater's coolant be able to heat the interiors of your car faster. If you have a car heater but it seems not work well, then make sure to flush the system of your car heater. It is the best way to prepare your car for the upcoming winter season.

Car tires

Next on the list are car tires. When the outside temperature falls and it gets very cold, your tires are under inflation. The lower the outside temperature, the lower will be the air pressure in your tires. The first day of winter usually causes the tires to deflate more. To stay away from unpleasant situations in the cold, make sure you change the tires when the temperature drops below 7 degrees because tires starts to function bad due to the temperature drop. Choose the winter tires that are designed to beat the lower temperatures. What's special about these tires? The elastic.

The winter season has started knocking on your door. Do you keep your car outside during the winter season? Then it is crucial that you get the Lanmodo winter car shelter to protect your car from the chilling winter conditions.

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