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A Comprehensive Look at Winterizing Your Vehicle

Mar 13, 2019, 2:03 pm / Abigail Williams

The cold and harsh winter comes again! As a car owner, are you ready to winterize your car during the winter days? Even if you have the best driving skills, you should still prepare your vehicle for the coming winter season. Here are the useful tips for winterizing your car.

Install winter wiper blades

When you are driving during the winter season, it's important to have a clear view of the road. This is difficult to achieve if you have regular wipers installed since the snow can get accumulated and reduce the visibility. Using a special kind of wiper blades will avoid this situation. Winter wipers have rubber that prevents the snow from accumulating so make sure to buy and install them before the winter season.

Prepare a winter safety kit

Even though a winter wonderland looks so attractive and elegant because of the white snow, it's also a dangerous season. So make sure to prepare a safety kit in your car. Some of the things that should be in your kit are the following:

  1. Pack of matches
  2. First aid kit
  3. Flares
  4. Ice scraper
  5. Flashlight and extra batteries
  6. A set of warm clothing plus extra boots, socks, jacket and hat
  7. Non-perishable food and beverage
  8. Bag of sand and shovel
  9. Jumper cables
  10. Cell phone
  11. Car tool kit
  12. Extra antifreeze

This safety kit would come in handy in case of emergencies and save your day.

Maintain battery capacity

Having a car battery above 600 CCA is ideal for the winter season. This is because the cold temperature decreases the power of your battery. In order to maintain your car and battery run in good condition during the cold weather, sufficient battery power is necessary. Aside from changing your battery, a mechanic should also be able to check if there are connections that need fixing so remember to bring your car for a check up.

Use a winter car shelter

If you want a well winterized vehicle, you should also protect it from the snow when parking. Using your car during the winter season also means you'll have to park your car in open spaces sometimes. Using tools like the Lanmodo winter car shelter will keep your car protected from the harmful effects of snow on your car. It acts like an umbrella for your car so that even when you are gone for a few hours, you won't find your car buried under a thick layer of snow.

Dealing with snow can be a real hassle. Luckily, Lanmodo is a winter car shelter that requires easy installation, you just have to extend the umbrella manually or even press the remote control to open it. Lanmdo is made of durable material, able to withstand the falling hail. It's a really cool addition to your winter safety kit because it also has a USB port that you can use to charge your phone in case of emergencies. Keeping Lanmodo car shelter in your car during the winter season gives you an extra amount of safety.

Use the right engine oil

For your car to run properly, it needs the right amount of oil. However, cold weather conditions make the oil colder and thicker. As a result, the oil won't circulate properly and your engine becomes difficult to start. So before the winter season starts, look for the engine oil with proper viscosity level. You'll find the suitable engine oil for your car through the owner's manual or simply ask the vehicle technician.

Keep tires in good condition

Driving on slippery roads is really dangerous. To keep safe while driving, you need to maintain your tire pressure and use winter tires. It would be difficult for regular tires to have a good grip of the road, which can lead to accidents. Installing winter tires would give you more control while driving. You can also use all-season tires to avoid changing tires often, but if you know that a harsh winter storm is coming to your city, it's better to be prepared by using the winter tires that are especially made for this kind of weather condition.

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