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5 Tips to Prepare Your Car for Cold Winter

Mar 6, 2019, 6:13 pm / Evelyn Smith
Winter will arrive shortly! Thus, car owners are bucking up to protect their cars from the chilly winter days. Such cares are taken so that the cars can endure the inclement weather. Proper care of the cars will not only make it capable of sustaining the cold days but also will save on expenses in the near future. It also prevents fatal accidents.
Here are some tips associated with the winter car preparation.

Get winter tires

Winter tires can be considered as the best accessory for winter car preparation. The right tire for the right weather is essential for maximum safety while driving. In winters the conditions of the roads worsen, increasing the chances of accidents. The winter tires are created to provide optimum driving experience at the time of braking or cornering on the slippery roads.

These tires are comprised of tread designs with sipe and blade technologies to offer an excellent grip even on the wet icy roads. The design also helps to reduce the braking distance. These tires are the best way to make sure that your car is in the safety zone.

Monitor the vehicle battery

Batteries failing to work well is a common problem in winter. No matter what type of vehicles you have, battery may run down at any point in time. Clean your car battery very often. It must be in a sound condition to communicate with the starter. If you discover any battery corrosion, clean it with the help of the terminal battery cleaner (available at any automobile store near you).

Another means of maintaining a healthy battery is fully charging the battery. Every car battery comes with a lifespan of 3-5 years. You should also get the appropriate battery as per the climate. In case of cold weather, you must opt for a heavy duty battery.

Maintain car fluids regularly

This must sound quite absurd! However, the truth is that car fluids , including brake fluid and gasoline, must be ready in an adequate amount at any time. A full gasoline tank will prevent water from accumulating in the tank, therefore also prevent freezing of the water tank. And in case you are stuck, enough engine gasoline will help you stay warm. Besides, brake fluid should also be maintained well because it keeps you from running into other vehicles. It is even more important when driving on winter slippery roads. Therefore, maintaining fluid is really an urgent and must thing to do for winter car protection.

Check the windshield and its wipers

A cracked windshield can cause major problems during the cold weather. So, consult an expert before the winter sets in. If the wiper blades of your car are weak, do replace it with one which can handle various winter elements and keep the windshield unaffected.

A windshield cleaning fluid is also important to keep the glass clear and stain free. It is also important to check whether the solution is perfect for sub-freezing temperatures or not. The car defroster must be in a working condition so that visibility maintenance becomes easy.

Buy a portable winter car shelter

The portable winter car shelter, according to its name can be described as the “savior” for cars. They are easy to carry and can be set up in any place no matter what. Due to their portable nature, they are quite easy to take. Lanmodo car shelter is one such portable winter car shelter which requires only a few seconds to settle, and you rest assured that the car is completely protected from the harsh cold freezing winter nights. The snow that accumulates on top of vehicle can now be prevented with this snow-proof car shelter.It is highly recommended for often snowing areas. This portable car shelter is great especially if you are out during winters.

So, in the forthcoming winter, prep up and give your car a new kind of protection with the Lanmodo winter car shelter. The most delighting advantage of this hail-proof car shelter is that it will continue keeping you relieved even after the winter is gone, thus no need to call your mechanic with the farewell of winter. Hence, you are not just saving money but also offering your car good health in the times of winter.

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