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5 Clever ways to Protect your Car from Snow and Ice Damage

Mar 12, 2019, 4:45 pm / Lara
As the winter draws closer with its accompanying freezing cold temperature and snow, car owners certainly know it's the right time to look for smart ways to keep your car safe. We all know the damaging effect of low temperature and snow can have on cars. Below are some tips to help protect your car from snow damage.

1. Buy a snow shelter for your car

The most convenient and useful way to protect your car in the winter is by purchasing a snow shelter for the car. The snow shelter can be a lifesaver and can be very handy in preventing snow build-up over your car as well as keeping your car safe from the freezing temperature of the winter. Snow shelters are basically designed to act as an umbrella over your car to keep it safe from direct contact with snow as well as ensure the car maintains its interior warmth during the winter.

Keeping your car safe from the weather can be sometimes tiring. However, with the introduction of the Lanmodo snow car shelter,you now have a quality product to rely on. The Lanmodo car shelter is designed with high-quality waterproof oxford material. This helps to prevent snow water from dripping through and damaging your car paint. The Lanmodo car shelter is designed with a solid fiberglass structure that is capable of withstanding hail and snow build-up. Lanmodo car shelter remains your best car shelter in the winter.

2. Place a towel on your windshield

There are ways to deal with frost during the winter. Some of these ways include parking your car facing east or the common practice of using vinegar to defrost your windshield. This process, however, can be tedious if you have to do it every day. Placing a towel on your windshield is the easiest way to save you all the time and effort of scraping your windshield every morning.
Gently lift your windshield wiper and place a towel under the wiper and hold it with the wiper. This is an easy way of keeping your windshield safe from frost and condensation overnight. It also prevents the wipers from freezing to your windshield. However, the towel can only offer protection in mild cold and snow. If you live in areas with frigid temperature, it may be in your best interest to use a cardboard instead of a towel.

3. Apply toothpaste to car headlights

A convenient and brilliant way of cleaning your foggy headlights is by applying toothpaste to them. It is a fact of how effective the toothpaste can be. Apply it overnight and wash off with warm water in the morning, then enjoy the perfectly clear headlights. This is definitely a clever way to provide winter car protection.

4. Wash and wax car

While it may seem stressful, washing and waxing your car is the recommended way to keep your car looks for a long time. Washing involves a lot of scrubbing and rubbing but using the soft material is able to ensure your car exterior remains in good shape for a long time. Just remember to use lukewarm water instead of hot water to wash the car in winter. Ensure to always invest in quality detergents and wax, which is beneficial for your car paint.

5. Use cooking spray to protect your car door

It is no longer new to find your door frozen shut during the winter, which can be very frustrating especially when you're in a haste. There are a few things you can do to change this situation. This includes using de-ice liquids. What if you don't have the de-ice liquid at the moment? Most people often make the mistake of trying to force the door open. However, this is not advisable as it can cause further damage to your car. There is a simple home remedy for this situation. Spraying the door with a cooking spray is one proven way to remedy this situation and be on your way in no time. It is advisable to apply cooking spray loosely to the car rubber seals gently during the winter. This practice helps to reduce the rate at which your car door freeze up during the cold winter seasons.
It is also important to carry out a routine check of your car and endeavor to fix all plastic fittings. This will help keep out the water and prevent your car doors from freezing out in the winter.

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