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Why Lanmodo is the First Choice of Car Shades for You?

Mar 12, 2019, 4:32 pm / Brian Lageose
Car shades offer many conveniences to the car owners. They can successfully provide your car with protection from UV rays, rain, snow, hail, bird droppings, tree sap, dust, ding and dents. There are many types of car shades in the market that you can choose from. Some are good in cold, rainy and windy months, while others are great in giving protection from the sun, but only a Lanmodo car shade can provide an all season protection. This is why Lanmodo is the first choice of car shade for everybody.

Car Shades in General

It is not easy to find a UV car shade with a protection that fits your needs. Traditional car covers are popular because they are advertised as being dust proof, fit your car size and shape, water resistant and so on. However, many of these common car shades do not live up to people's expectations. They are not breathable, which result in moisture and when the fit is too tight, they scratch the car's surface paint as well. When used to cover the car, it takes a lot of time putting it on and taking them off is just as hard. Most often you'll need a helping hand in the setting up and dismantling, because doing it by a single person will require much time and effort. There are also customary car shades that are stationary, which means that they are fixed in a particular place and therefore cannot be moved. You will not be able to take them with you, wherever you may need to go.

The Main Features of Lanmodo Car Shades

Car owners consider Lanmodo as their first choice of a car shade. The reason is because Lanmodo has several features that make it superior to other car protection products.
  1. For one, it is operated by a wireless remote control. You can have it opened and closed in a matter of 8 seconds and set up in just 30 seconds. No hassle, no stress. Easy to use.
  2. Lanmodo has a folding mechanism. So when it is not in use, you can fold it and put it inside your car's trunk for storage. It is very compact and lightweight, so there won't be any issue in transporting it anywhere. Take Lanmodo car shade cover with you when you go to work or even when you just need to carry out an errand on behalf of someone else.
  3. Lanmodo provides multiple protection from these elements - the UV rays of the sun during summer, hail and snow during winter and other things during other seasons of the year. It can lower your car's interior temperature down to 36 degrees Celsius and won't allow the dust and small particles of matter to penetrate. It's an UV car shades.
  4. The Lanmodo car shade has two versions - the Lanmodo and the Lanmodo Pro. These 2 allow the car shades to be suitable for use in any type of vehicle, no matter whether it is a SUV, a sedan, a mini or any other type.
  5. The materials used in the construction of this car shade are strong and durable, including fiberglass support and 3-layer PU silver coated Oxford fabric.
  6. With additional accessories, stands and canopies, Lanmodo can serve many purposes for you. It can transform into a fishing and beach umbrella, camping and party tent and even to an outdoor theater.

Lanmodo car shades can be customized

This means that you can have it modified to suit your needs. Requests for any kind of custom design is accepted by us. You can design your own car shade; choose your favourite color, print a slogan or your country's flag on the canopy, letters or your company name and website. Customizing your car shade is a good marketing strategy while you are on the go. It can attract people to the product or service that you want to sell, when they pass by your parked car with the car shade on top. Customizing your Lanmodo car shades will make your business competitive in the marketplace. Wherever you park your car and set the car umbrella up, people will surely notice and they will remember because your product becomes attractive to them. Before you know it, they will be calling you to make inquiries and make purchases that can increase your sales and ROI. So make sure that you put your contact number along with your brand name on the canopy.


All the facts stated above are the exact reasons why Lanmodo car shades are the first choice of car owners. Thanks to its unique construction and main features, it can offer years of service in protecting your vehicle from all elements brought about by man-made and natural hazards. Don't think twice and buy a Lanmodo car shade today and you will soon realize that your investment is well worth it.

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