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A Portable Car Parking Shade Is Necessary For All Car Owners In Coming 2018 Summer

Mar 6, 2019, 5:07 pm / Evelyn Smith
Driving a car in hot summer weather can be annoying. The effect is mostly dangerous when the car is exposed to the hot scorching summer sun for a longer time. You will feel like you are in hail when you just open the door of your car to get in due to hot air that will come out. This can cause serious damages to your car and also your health. Keeping a baby in such hot car can be dangerous and discomforting. These are among the reasons you need to get yourself a good and tech improved car parking shade.

1, Car Paint Damage Caused by Hot Sun

This is one of the obvious reasons you should go for a car shade. The heat of the sun can cause damaging reaction on the surface of your car exterior burning the paint. This can cause your car looking dirty. Another thing with damaged car paint is that it can be costly repainting your car. If you have ever repainted your car, you will discover that the cost is never cheap. It can cost you hundreds of dollars to get your car repainted with the color and quality of paint you want. So, to avoid such expenses, you can just get yourself a good car cover. That is going to provide your car necessary protection it deserves to look like brand new even in the hot summer weather.

2, Car Interior Aging by High Temperature

One of the areas people usually look at when they want to buy a fairly-used or secondhand car is the interior outlook. They want to check whether the interior is still looking good, which will determine the value of the car. When the interior and exterior of a car is looking tattered no matter how effective the engine is, the value of the car will drastically reduce. To avoid this from happening, the best thing to do is to go ahead and get a good portable car parking shade. You can even go for Lanmodo car cover which is operated with remote control. That can give you more convenience and comfort while you protect your car completely.

3, Car Battery Can Easily Get Flat Due To Heat

Maybe you are not aware that one of the major dangers of hot summer weather to the car is that it can zap battery life. Summer heat is among the enemies of your car battery. The two main causes of internal breakdown and eventual damage to a battery are vibration and heat. The battery fluid can evaporate faster during hot summer weather thereby, resulting to faster discharge of car battery.

4, Car Over Heating

Despite the effort of automotive manufacturing companies in making their car suitable for all weather, overheating is another problem that proves problem to handle. The main trigger for car overheating is simply hot weather or increase in weather temperature. The summer hot weather usually causes a get to get overheating. This is mostly when the fluid in the radiator and the oil in the engine got extremely hot. If you allow car overheating to persist, it can result to complete breakdown for your car.

5, Emission Of Bad Gas From The Car

During the hot summer weather, some rubber hose, and seals in the car usually being to melt and start emitting bad gas and smell from the car. Also, the AC compressed gas used in the air conditioning system can mixed with other bad gas causing serious pollution inside the car.

6, Discomfort To Drivers And Passengers In The Car

There is no doubt about it hot summer weather is an enemy of both drivers and the passengers. The car interior that supposed to be cozy and comfortable for users will turn into a hail for people inside.

7, Dangerously Affect Car Tires

Cases of bursting tires are mostly reported during hot summer weather than in the winter. The reason can be linked to the increase in temperature which normally results to unnecessary expansion of the tires. This normally leads to tire inflation or bursting if not checked.

A good portable car parking shade can save your treasure cars from those problems listed above. The features of car covers include:
  1. Wireless auto car tent with remote control
  2. Offer multiple protection for from elements
  3. Control car temperature with difference of about 36°C
  4. Ease of use with the installation taken only 8s
  5. Can be used on all forms of cars
  6. USB port for easy connectivity
  7. Convenient and portable design
  8. Waterproof level to about 29 MPH.

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