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Lanmodo Portable Car Sun Shade Gives You and Your Car a Cool Summer

Mar 29, 2019, 9:52 am / Brian Lageose

The one thing that car owners want the most is to use their priceless possession without incurring much expense on repairs, damages, and overall disappointment. In order to enjoy all of that you need to own a superior quality car cover that will keep your car far away from the clutches of the harsh rays of the sun. You can't allow the heat of the summer sun to ruin the exterior beauty of your car nor can you let it make you feel uncomfortable while you are driving. But, how can you protect your car at all times and everywhere you go? The answer is simple. The Lanmodo Car Sun Shade with its extraordinary features and brilliant qualities will make sure your car is always safe and protected.

What is Lanmodo Portable Car Sun Shade?

Summer is round the corner and with it you will be able to enjoy the excitement and thrills that road trips bring. It can be the best time to visit the beach, go on family picnics, road trips, and solo drives. However, the summer can be dangerous for you as well as your car. You can still keep yourself protected with a bit of sun screen and an umbrella but what about your car? When your car is kept directly under the scorching rays of the sun the beautiful luster will start to fade away. The portable Lanmodo Sun Shade can prevent your car from overheating. From street parking to every other public place, you can now protect your car with ease.

You can't allow the summer season to deprive you of the comfort and convenience that you enjoy while driving. The interiors of your car heat up which means you won't feel comfortable inside it. In order to prevent that you need a car cover which can deal with the excessive heat. Lanmodo Portable Sun Shade has the power to reduce the car temperature up to 36° C. It guarantees comfort and soothing experience every time you drive outside in the sun.

The function of this miraculous product isn't limited to that. It can also keep your car away from acid rain, dust, bird droppings, and other harmful effects as well as man-made factors that has the potential to ruin the beauty of your car. The lightweight design of this solar shield will cover the main body of your car with the click of a button. The automatic car cover takes users only 30 seconds to install a secured roof over your car. You can unfold it in within eight seconds. The lightweight and portable structure makes it easy to carry around.

Lanmodo Portable Sun Shade will save money, energy, and environment

It will save energy and protect the environment. When your car is left for far too long in the sun, the interior temperature also rises. In order to cool down the car faster so that you can drive away, you will have switch on the air conditioning and open the windows. This is going to consume more energy. You can easily change that if you use Lanmodo automatic car cover.

Add joy to your summer days with Lanmodo Sun Shade

Leave behind the worries that the sun brings when you are parking your car outside. Enjoying the relaxing activities of the summer season with your family like going fishing or being on the beach. With the adjustable stand, Lanmodo portable car sun shade can turn into a fishing umbrella, beach umbrella and more. The compact design makes it easy to pack the umbrella and carry it everywhere you go. This car sun shade uses a highly stable and responsive folding structure which is bound to satisfy you. Plan a trip to the beach and soak up the goodness of the sun as you stay protected from its rays.

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