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Automatic Car Sun Shade With Remote Control -- Lanmodo

Mar 6, 2019, 6:04 pm / Evelyn Smith
If you are fed up with the manually operated car cover and want something more innovative, then you should go for Lanmodo car shade brand. This is an automatic car sun shade installed with wireless remote control. Folding and unfolding function of this car tent is controlled automatically with the help of a remote control. That means your toddler in the house can help you fold the car shade through the window. The automatic function does not take much time to be completed. The open process usually takes just 8 seconds and the installation 30 seconds. The auto folding structure of Lanmodo car shade is the greatest addition in the car tent industry.

Get Lanmodo automatic sunshade for car

No matter the temperature rise or fall in your area, Lanmodo automatic sunshade for car is still the answer. It is built to work well in -20 degrees temperate as well as high temperature. This auto car tent is built to keep your car cool irrespective the temperature. It can decrease the temperature of your car up to 36 degrees during the upsurge of summer temperature. The cooling effect of this car umbrella to your car happens automatically. For that reason, you will not feel uncomfortable inside your car due to summer heat when you have Lanmodo car cover.

Put on Lanmodo automatic car sunshade with remote control

Being an automatic car sunshade you are not to pass through any form of stress to put on the Lanmodo umbrella or cover. This is due to the fact that putting on the umbrella is done with the help of remote control. You can relax inside your office and with a touch on a button put on the cover over your car. Being operated automatically means that anyone can use it without issue. The control does not form any difficulty and for users. Just make sure you follow the installation process provided to ensure proper installation.

Make use of the automatic car shade for beach party

Your beach party with friends is going to be more convenient and comfortable this time with the help of Lanmodo automatic car shade. The first thing is that it is portable enough to fit inside your truck. Also, installation can be done by one person without passing through any form of stress. Just as it was said earlier, Lanmodo car cover installation time is average of 30 seconds. All the things you need for quick and proper installation of this car cover is provide inside the pack. So, when you buy the pack you are sure of getting all the things you need to get it installed.

Protect your car from dirt using auto shades for cars

When you decide to take part in outdoor activities, one of the things you may be concerned about is how to protect your car in the outdoor space. But, with Lanmodo auto shades for cars there is no need to worry about that anymore. It is built with 210D oxford cloth. This sun shade can protect your car from different kinds of dirt including durst, bird droppings, leaves and lots more. Washing the cloth does not form difficulty due to the ease of maintenance associated with it. With the ease of maintenance associated with the cloth you can use it for many years without losing the attractive look.

The automatic car sun shade with easy customization option

Customization on this automatic car cover or shade is easy and there is no limit to what you can get. You can change the cloth color, replacing it with your brand name and others. In fact, there are hole lots of things you can easily do using this car sunshade with auto feature.

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