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5 Tips to Protect Your Car in Summer

Mar 11, 2019, 4:45 pm / Brian Lageose
With the blazing sun and intense heat of the summer, every car owner certainly knows it's time to slap on some protection over their car. However, not every car owner knows how to go about it. Here are a collection of 5 tips to help keep your car protected throughout the summer.

1. Clean your Car Air Conditioner Thoroughly

Air conditioner is a must when driving in summer, but your car AC can easily get clogged after some time with dirt and other debris. This can lead to your car to work harder and therefore engines strain quicker. Thorough cleaning will help improve your car efficiency and provide car protection.
The best way to clean your AC is to dismantle the unit and clean the interior parts. Ensure to clean out the accumulator and change it when necessary and also check duct for any blockade. Ensure to flush out various parts using the aerosol air conditioner cleaner. Allow the gunk and dirt to come out through one end. Wipe them down with a clean dry towel. Cleaning the air conditioner once a year will help prevent the occurrence of unforeseen circumstances. Once in a while, visit an AC technician for professional assistance.

2. Wax your Car Regularly

During the summer, your car needs that extra protection from the harsh UV rays of the sun. Just like our body needs sunscreen, our cars also need protection from the sun. The thin layer of wax on your car acts as a barrier between the car and the sun rays. It protects your car from fading and discoloration caused by direct sun rays on the car.
After washing, the next step is waxing. Allow the water to dry up before applying a thin layer of wax evenly. Allow the wax to slightly harden before buffing off with a towel or a brush.

3. Check Tire Pressure

Keeping your tires at the right pressure can reduce the rate of wear and tear. When tire pressures are not well gauged, they can reduce handling and control.
Tires perform best when they are used at the recommended pressure. To check the recommended pressures for your tires, it is advised to visit your user manual. It is important to check your tire pressure often in the summer. Tires tend to lose air faster in hot temperature.

4. Pay attention to your Water Radiator

The radiator or the water tank is very essential in maintaining your car's temperature. In the summer, cars tend to heat up faster due to high temperature of the sun. To prevent the car from heating up and causing severe damage, ensure to check your water tank first thing every morning before moving your car.
Please add water when necessary before starting the car. This action can just be the only thing that will protect your car from developing a major engine problem.

5. Buy a Car Shade Tent

When you're not using your car, the car is usually parked and this may certainly not be in a secured garage. The best way to ensure that your car is safe all the time is purchasing the Lanmodo car shade tent. The Lanmodo provides a perfect sunshade for your car to keep it safe from the harsh UV rays of the sun. This product is designed with high-quality double ply oxford material that provides a barrier between your car and the threatening sun rays. This helps to keep your car safe as well as reduce the temperature of your car for up to 36oC. With Lanmodo sunshade, both you and your car will enjoy a cool summer!

There are other benefits you get to enjoy when you purchase the Lanmodo car shade tent.
  1. The design consists of a portable firm steel structure that can expand or fold into place with the aid of a remote control, which is conducive to easy operation. With the click of the remote, it takes the structure only 8 seconds to open.
  2. To ensure the structure is safe, it is designed with the anti-theft system: the steel wires are wrapped inside ropes, which can not be cut easily. Therefore you can go about your business knowing your car shelter is safe.
  3. It also comes with windproof straps that are used to provide extra support for the structure in case of the wind. Lanmodo car sunshade is also a multi-functional tool that can be used as beach umbrella, fishing umbrella and so on.

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