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Top 5 Mistakes Young Drivers Are Easy to Make

Apr 29, 2019, 1:36 pm / Evelyn Smith

Learning how to drive is not a very difficult thing, however, there are a lot of things that must be kept in consideration when one is on the road. While you may know how to use a steering wheel and pedals, there are several other things that are an important part of experienced driving. A lot of new drivers tend to make the same kind of mistakes and there are five that are considered to be the most common of all. To make sure that you are not making any driving and protection mistake, we are sharing a list of these five mistakes and also how you can avoid them.

Driving on low tire pressure

Having your tires in top notch condition is one of the most important aspects of the overall stability of your car. Not being careful about this can actually be quite dangerous. Coincidentally, this is a driving mistake that a lot of new drivers make by not checking the tire pressure regularly and often driving on the road with a low tire pressure. By making such a mistake newbie drivers are putting themselves in danger as this could easily lead to an accident. To avoid this, it is important that you get your tire pressure checked at least once every week as part of basic car maintenance. The ideal pressure is considered to be between 30-35 Bar for a typical personal use vehicle.

Not using the turn signal

If there is one mistake that deserves to be punished severely, it is to take turns in your car without lighting a turn signal. This is also a driving mistake that is made very frequently by new drivers. Not using a turn signal when taking a turn can be extremely dangerous as it can misguide other drivers on the road and cause accidents. It is a key part of any person's driving abilities to always remember to use turn signal when taking turns in order to avoid a driving mistake that could be potentially fatal.

Bad seating position

A person simply cannot driving their car properly as long as they are not seated in a position that is correct and comfortable. This is therefore considered to be a very basic driving mistake since without a proper view you would simply be unable to get the widest view from your seat or have comfortable control of your car. The proper way of sitting is to have your back upright, have your legs stretched long enough that when your push your pedals all the way, your legs are completely flat. Your steering should also be just far enough that you could rest your wrists on top of it when sitting normally.

Following too closely

It is critical to observe a decent amount of distance between yourself and the car in front of you when driving on the road. It is a very common mistake that newbie drivers make by following other cars too closely. Doing so can make it very easy to end up hitting another car from behind which, depending on the speed could be a major protection mistake for your car. While it is not really a global standard, it is said that maintaining a distance of 1 foot for every kilometer of speed you have should be considered a reasonable distance.

Improper parking

This is both a driving mistake and a protection mistake all in one. Not parking your car properly is one of the most basic mistakes of all and new drivers seem to make it the most often by parking hastily and compromising the security of their car. The most common mistake which is also part of basic car maintenance is to ensure that you park your car in a spot that is properly covered. However, if a covered space is not available, having a car protection cover like the Lanmodo car cover can come in very handy. While it may be considered to be a slightly big expense for your car. The Lanmodo car cover is probably the best car protection cover you will find. It is automatic, portable to use and gives solid protection as a garage to your car in all kinds of weather and situations.

Do you think there is any other area that newbies skip on? Let us know in the comments below!

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