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Hot Summer Car Problems And Protective Measures

Apr 30, 2019, 2:16 pm / Lara

The summer is knocking at the door! Now it is the time to care for your car a bit more. You need to ensure the proper protection so that your car can run optimally and do not end up with unfortunately cracked upholstery in this hot weather. There are some ways which will help you to keep your car safe and run worthy even in the hottest days of the summer. The below five protective measures will help you to properly care your car in summer. So, let's start-

1. What to do when the interior temperature is high and the seats are too hot?

You may have felt that heat wave when you drive your car in summer. It's because of the high temperature in your car. Many people spray volatile liquids such as clean water to deal with the problem. Actually, it can reduce the temperature indoor and seat surfaces within a very short span of time. Along with this, you can put some cool cushions on the seats to keep them cool, but pay attention to that you should not choose the slippery cool cushions in term of driving safety.

Besides, you can use a car protection cover to shelter your car when parking outdoor. In this case, Lanmodo portable car cover acts as a big umbrella to shield the car body from the hot sun. Its roof cloth is made with anti-UV Oxford cloth that can prevent heat accumulating on the car top, thus keeps the temperature of the car interior comfortable.

2. The sunlight is too strong, what should do when it dazzling during driving?

Generally, in summer days, sunshine is stronger than any other season and it makes your eyes uncomfortable especially when it shoots in the car. You can easily wear a good quality sunglasses to deal with this problem. Or you can also use a dashboard dark mat. It can absorb the strong ultraviolet light and the other benefits of it, are, no dazzle, prevention of the sunlight refraction, the increase of the front windshield transparent brightness, and adding driving safety.

3. Driving in the summer is prone to fatigue, what should you do?

In summer, your brain is prone to fatigue in the afternoon and early morning. There are many reasons of it such as lack of sleep, long-term driving, and after lunch, a lot of blood in the human body acts on the digestive organs such as the gastrointestinal tract, and the blood supply to the brain is relatively reduced and poor circulation, all these make drivers easily feel tired. In order to avoid this uncomfortable feeling and to drive safely without feeling tired you can try the below methods-
  1. Carry some refreshment items in your car
  2. Take the rest when you feel tired
  3. And enable a good habit of food

4. Tires are easy to burst under high temperature, how to do?

It is a very common problem in summer that the car tires get easily to be damaged. And the chance of a flat tire will also increase under the high temperature. And that's why you need to check the car tires on a regular basis. If it is possible then you should check in the morning time, before you set off. If problems start on the way and the garage is too far, you will fall in a great problem. That's why you are suggested to keep some repair tools and another tire in your car.

5. What should you do to prevent car paint aging?

The ultraviolet radiation in summer is the biggest damage to the car paint and it can even cause the discoloration of the paint. Cars often explode under the scorching sun may fade or the gloss of the paint will decrease and may cause a variety of "lesions" such as cracks, water spots etc. In order to prevent these and enable proper car paint protection in hot summer, you should follow the below tips-

  1. You are always advised should not park your car outside especially directly under the sky for preventing car paint aging and car overheating.
  2. When your park it under the tree for a long time, you'd better getting a car protection cover to protect it from bird droppings, tree sap, and other falling objects as they are bad for the paint layer.
  3. Also, you should not wash your car under hot sun otherwise it will easily increase the chance of car paint aging too soon.

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