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Top 7 Car Cover Brands in The World

Apr 15, 2020, 4:58 pm / Brian Lageose

A car cover is a smart investment for people caring about the safety of their car. Many car owners who don't have a garage use some type of a cover for their car. There are a number of popular brands available in the market, but selecting the right brand car covers is very important. The following are seven brand car covers that are considered to be the best today.

1. AutoAnything

This is an outdoor car cover brand that comes with a custom cut to protect the specific vehicle from various elements. It is crafted from the water resistant, non-absorbent, and breathable fabric. Being UV-resistant and heat-reflective, the AutoAnything car cover is suitable for sunniest climates. The interior lining isn't abrasive, so it keeps the car paint free.

2. WeatherTech

WeatherTech offers a wide range of Outdoor Car Covers (which are made of Sunbrella fabric) and Indoor Car Covers that are created from 'Form-Fit' material. These are very fine and durable materials, which offers the good protection whether outdoors or indoors.

3. Supercheap Auto

Supercheap Auto offers a diverse range of accessories, parts, and tools for the vehicles, including different types of exterior car covers. Some of these are designed as a canopy for a car, whilst the others come as cheap car covers that envelope the car body. Thus, there are custom fit covers, 4WD covers, motorcycle covers, caravan covers, hail covers, and many more.

4. Covercraft

This is a famous custom car covers UK company that produces a variety of car covers. Covercraft offers dash covers, front-end masks, seat protection, floor mats, tire covers, tailgate nets, pet travel items, custom windshield sunscreens, as well as other storage and specialty protection car products to choose from.

5. Halfords

Halfords is another UK based company specializes in car covers uk among others. They are particularly proud of the All Seasons Advanced Car Cover, which can be easily secured to any automobile with a securing strap. This car cover may help you protect your vehicle against different types of weather and environmental pollutants as well. The cover offers UV protection and is completely waterproof.

6. CarCoverStore

If you're looking for a car covers cheap product that can tightly envelop your vehicle, check out the CarCoverStore car covers. These covers are meticulously designed to provide a great protection and tailored to fit any type of vehicle. They are available for cars, SUVs, trucks, wagons, pickups, and Vans. Besides, there are also Limo and Hearse car covers available.

7. Lanmodo

The last but not the least is Lanmodo automatic car umbrella. Delivered in packaging weighing only 6kg (12.23lb), the umbrella provides key protection from acid rain, UV radiation and bird droppings that can extend the life of your car. One of the key benefits that set this product apart from the competition is the remote control, that can be used with a wireless connection up to 89ft away. With just one click, the umbrella will be fully activated within 8 seconds reducing the temperature in your car by 36 degrees. The remote controls battery lasts for a full month with just one charge, providing convenience and a stress-free solution for users.

The mobile car umbrella also provides an additional space to promote your business or service. In agreement with the manufacturer, a logo can be printed on the umbrella making use of this world class product to advertise your message. Whether you are traveling for a business or with your family your driving experience will be greatly improved with this car cover. The mobile car umbrella provides you a long-lasting, stylish and convenient solution, letting you enjoy the long summer days.

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