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What You Should Know as a New Driver?

Mar 13, 2019, 11:39 am / Abigail Williams

The moment you actually own a car and start driving on the road, you will find it is not as easy as you felt like passing the driver's license test. The real fact is that there is so much you need to know as a new driver in order to be safe on road and also to keep your car safe. The following are the most important tips you should know about.

1. Know about what your car insurance covered

Just buying a car will not be enough for you to take it on road. You need to have the insurance for it. Car insurance is taken to give protection to car from all unforeseen risks. It offers protection against all losses which are incurred because of unavoidable instances. It gives cover against theft, financial loss because of accidents and other types of subsequent liabilities. It should be purchased along with the car or else you cannot take it on road. Compare the price of the insurance offered by different companies before you buy one and choose the prestigious one of them.

2. Learn to understand different traffic signs

As we all know that there are some strict traffic signals which we are bound to follow at time of driving car on road. When you drive on the road, you have noticed that there are so many traffic signs which help drivers to drive easily and safely. Some of the common signs are No U turn sign, No left turn/ right turn signs, No parking sign, Pedestrian walking sign, School zone sign, stop ahead sign and many more are there on the list. While taking the driving test you need to learn about each one of them to drive safe and to pass the test. The name itself speaks about the role of each sign. If you don't know the meaning of the signs then learn them on immediate basis to know if you are safe or not while driving and be sure that you will not cause harm to any one on road.

3. Do the best car protection

Whether driving on the road or parking on the outdoor locations, you need to avoid harmful damages to your car and need to keep it safe. You must learn some driving tips and car protection tips.

  1. Do not smoke while driving as this may disturb other passengers on your car and divert mind
  2. Do not follow or drive along a big truck. If the truck loses its control or make sudden change in track then chances are there of fatal accident which will crash your car
  3. Always carry a map with you or else Google map is there for you. Hang the phone in a visible position with Google map so that you can keep an eye on it easily and find your way safely on road
  4. Follow the stop, drive and move signals of the road
  5. Do not use headphones or loud music while driving it hampers concentration and you may miss horn of other vehicles on road

Just like driving tips you need to keep in mind some important car protection tips too. We are sharing with you a list of some of car protection tips, which we feel will keep your car safe and in good health.

  1. Keep an eye on the fuel level of your engine. Especially in winter months you keep it parked for longer days then chances are high that fuel will go low and lead to rusting of the engine
  2. Make a habit of checking the car parts after every 15 days to ensure that they all are functioning well and ideal to drive the car safe on road
  3. Make use of a car cover. You can choose a Lanmodo car protection cover to keep your car protected wherever you park it. Lanmodo car cover offers well shelter for the car every time you park it outside, keeping it away from heat, falling objects, snow, rain, bird droppings and many other things which is harmful for your car. You need to make use of a remote control for its installation. It can be packed into a small size and it won't cost you much to carry and store so that you can use it anywhere anytime

Hope you are sure now as what you should know as a new driver.

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