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Top 7 Hazards Caused by High Temperature to Car

Mar 6, 2019, 6:05 pm / Evelyn Smith
Cars are usually exposed to extreme hazards during the hot summer. The sun is normally fierce and burning hot over all the living and non-living things it comes upon. Cars are not left out of this extreme discomfort. Cars are usually parked outdoors with no shelter to protect them from the intense hotness of the sunlight and high temperature. Without a car protection cover, your car is exposed to a lot of hazards. In this article, we will look at the top hazards that hot sunlight and high temperature can cause to your car when it is without car protection cover for high temperature.

1. The engine is prone to trouble

Due to the high temperature outdoor, the difference between the engine coolant and the atmosphere temperature significantly becomes smaller. This leads to the cooling system heat dissipation becoming smaller which causes the engine to overheat. This invariably leads to the series of problems for the car. Some of the problems caused by high temperature to the engine of the car include:
  1. Abnormal engine combustion
  2. Abnormal combustion aggravates the overheating occurrences of the engine and forms a vicious circle. The cylinder head and the cylinder block are prone to heat deformation and sometimes cracks. It is very common to burn out the cylinder cushion, valve, and valve seat.

2. Oil system is prone to problems

Under high temperature, the oil and the corresponding car parts may develop series of problems which can accelerate the wear of the car parts and severely affect the service life of the engine. Another problem that can arise from the oil system due to high temperature is that the ignition system may not work properly. The higher the temperature, the higher the temperature inside the hood and the more the likelihood that air resistance will occur.

3. Car air conditioning may not be easily to cooling

Long summer exposure with long engine running and high water temperature will make the heat dissipation of the radiator to weaken, which will affect the air conditioning system of the car.

4. Causes changes to car paint

Exposing the car paint to the sun is like exposing the human skin to hot sunshine. Exposure to sun may reduce the gloss, result in fading, and may cause a variety of "lesions" such as water marks, cracks, and corrosion marks, among others, on the car.

5. Tires can explode easily

The temperature of the road surface in high temperature is usually as high as 50 ~60 degrees. Tires under such harsh conditions work at high loads, wear worse, and the accompanied tire pressure significantly increases the chance of a tire explosion. If you don't pay close attention to the tires, the safety of the car and car passengers can be severely compromised.

6. The interior easily ages

A car parked outdoor without car protection cover for high temperature and exposed to the sun for a long time will bring out plastic scorched smell when the car door is opened. This makes people difficult to enter the car and can also result in health complications for the passengers. The plastic smell is usually emitted by the sun burning the interior of the car. After a long period of exposure to hot sun, the interior of the car is more likely to age and deform, and in serious cases, it will affect the normal operation of the car.

7. Sealing rings are prone to aging and cracking after long term exposure

The sealing ring exists on the edge of the car door and skylight. These obscure seals are usually overlooked by car owners when maintaining their cars during the summer period. Long term exposure to sunlight can make the sealing ring prone to cracking, aging, and the sealing performance will be significantly reduced. This does not only affect the interior of the car but result in negative sound insulation effect, water seepage, serious leakage, and other problems.

A car protection cover is needed to protect cars outdoor

It is very important to provide shelter for your car in the summer. A car protection cover will fully protect your car when it is parked outdoor. With Lanmodo Pro car shelter, you can keep your car very cool in very high temperature. The anti-heated system of Lanmodo Pro has the capacity to cool down the temperature of your car up to 36 degrees, thereby creating a comfortable interior environment in your car.

No doubt, having Lanmodo Pro car shelter is very important during the summer period to increase the lifespan of your car.

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