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Tips for Car Body Protection in Weather Conditions

Mar 6, 2019, 5:09 pm / Brian Lageose
Every single car needs a good protection against harmful weather conditions and other outdoor hazards in order to run optimally on the roads. Here are a few useful tips on how to efficiently protect your car.

Part 1: Protection from the sun damage

  1. Park it in the tree shade
    One of the smartest and easiest ways to protect your car is to park it in the shade. When looking for the place to park your vehicle try to find a spot in the parking lot under a tree, but make sure that tree is not dropping sap, Also, make sure it is a hangout for birds.
  2. Use windshield sun shade cover
    Car steering wheels, dashboards, and upholstery suffer from heat and sunlight during the hot days. To prevent this you may use a windshield sun shade cover. These sun shade covers can reduce the heat and help you cut the sun rays.
  3. Wax your car
    Waxing is another great way to protect your car against sun damages and dust. Depending on the severity of weather conditions at the place where you are living, you should wax your automobile at least twice a year - at the end of spring as well as at the end of fall.

Part 2: Protection from hail storm damage

Tips on how to protect your car from hail storms

If you live in a place with frequent storms, bear in mind the following tips:

  1. Note all covered parking garages in your vicinity;
  2. Layer a few fleecy blankets on top of your car;
  3. Drive carefully to minimize the risk of accidents and damage;
  4. Put the floor mats on the trunk lid, roof, and bonnet of your car;

Part 3: Protection from the rain damage

While the rain cannot immediately destroy your car, it may cause a process of corrosion. The moisture penetrates into all tiny cracks of your car and separates the paint from chassis. The damages are more serious when it comes to the acid rain.

Tips on how to protect your car from the rain

In order to prevent corrosion on your car caused by rain, you are advised to:

  1. Wash it regularly;
  2. Protect it with wax;
  3. Protect it with film;
  4. Install rain guards or window visors;
  5. Envelop it with a waterproof cover.

Part 4: Choose a car over to protect your car

Car covers can protect a car from a variety of damaging effects, such as acid rain, ultraviolet radiation, wind-borne particles, bird droppings, sun fading, and even thieves. There are hundreds of different car covers on the market which are intended for external car protection.

Custom car covers

Although one size fits all covers are generally cheaper, custom car covers provide the snug fit for your year because those are specially designed for a particular model of vehicle. The best types of those covers are equipped with a bottom locking system, which allows a plastic coated rope to firmly hold the cover bottom. This way it prevents movement of the cover caused by the wind and also protects thefts to some extent.

Lanmodo car cover umbrella

Lanmodo is a reliable car umbrella, which can protect your vehicle from the harsh effects of sunlight and keep it comfortable and cool for you while it is parked under an umbrella. This is an umbrella that comes with smart features, its stable folding structure works smoothly and effectively and can be used in strong windy conditions. It is absolutely perfect and helps to avoid fallen leaves, acid rain, dust, and bird droppings from perching on the car. Your car would be 36 degree cooler than other cars that are not currently using this product. From a technological viewpoint, this product has rechargeable batteries, anti-thief design, and windproof snaps – all these features make this product truly amazing.

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