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The Portable Car Cover for Hail Protection

Apr 15, 2020, 4:01 pm / Brian Lageose

Next to owning a house, the car is the single biggest investment that you could ever make, so you would want to give it the right protection from all forms of damages. Hail, snow, wind, rain and other elements can cause great damage to an unprotected car. From dents to broken windows, to holes in the roof, hail can also wreak havoc on the car engine. Luckily, having a car cover can give your car a good amount of protection from hail; and your very precious motor vehicle can be prevented from receiving the beating that may result in more serious damages.

How Much Does It Cost to Repair Car Dents?

Cost of repair depends on the severity of the damage. Also, different auto shops will give you different quotes, some higher than the others. Your car's insurance coverage is also a factor in the cost of repair. If you park your car outside without cover, it can easily get a dozen of tiny dents. Each dent repair may cost from $30 to $80, according to size. It will be more, when you need to replace your car windows or windshields and you may need to fix a door jamb problem. Tail lights may also require a substantial amount to repair, as well as the hood and roof.

If your car is damaged by hail, the shop will first assess how serious the damage incurred is and then give you an estimated cost. In general, repair costs on a car average from $1,500 to $5,000, which you can avoid, if only you can provide protection for your car.

How Can You Protect Your Car From Hail Damage?

It's heartbreaking to see your car being hit by a big hailstorm, but you can save yourself from the headache and the cost of repair, by making yourself ready for it. As soon as you know that the hailstorm is coming, you can move your car to a safe place: a covered parking lot, a garage or orther cpvered places. Thick blankets and tarps also can help. Avoid parking under the trees because when a branch breaks and falls on your car, the damage can be more serious.

The garage is the ideal place to store your vehicle. It can prevent hail from damaging your car. However, many car owners do not have this option, so the next best thing is to purchase a portable car cover that is effective in protecting your vehicle from hail, snow and other elements.

Lanmodo Portable Car Cover

If you are looking for a car cover that is efficient in providing protection from hail, you don't need to search everywhere. A Lanmodo hail proof car cover has become very popular, due to its ability to protect vehicles from the effects of weather, particularly hail.

This innovative car protection product has been built with automatic control system, so you can have it installed and used with the remote control device. Imagine it can be quickly set up in 30 seconds and folded/unfolded in just 8 seconds. With two versions to choose from, you can have the Lanmodo, which is 3.5M long and the Lanmodo Pro which is 4.8M long. They differ only in size, but you get the same benefits, when it comes to protection. The latter is big enough to cover the entire body of most size vehicle including sedans, trucks, dune buggies, SUV and even motorcycles.

The Lanmodo car cover is strong and it best fits your vehicle. The base and supports are made of fiberglass, allowing the car cover to withstand winds up to 30mph. The canopy is made of 210D Oxford cloth, very durable and yet so easy to wash. It will not easily get torn, even if it gets affected by the harsh hail.

Another plus in the Lanmodo hail proof car cover is the size and weight, when folded. Remember that the cover, when not in use needs to be stored properly. You won't have a problem with storing the Lanmodo one, even if the car has a smaller hatch, because it is very compact, when folded and also lightweight.

A Lanmodo hail car cover is well worth your investment. You may spend money to purchase it, but as you can see, it offers great protection from many different problems, hail included.

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