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The 3 Misunderstandings of Car Waxing You Should Know

Mar 13, 2019, 11:23 am / Lara

The current economic infrastructure has compelled millions of people across the globe to use automobiles to move around. That's why both business and residential areas reserve space for parking. Evidently, there isn't enough covered parking space available for everyone, most cars are parked in the open air exposing them to the direct sunlight, rain and snow. Is your car exposed? In this chronicle, you will find all your answers. Nature will allow bird droppings, shellac, gum and stone chips to drop on your car, but you do not need to worry at all. This article will reveal three main misconceptions about new car paint protection products especially about waxing. There are other ways to keep your car paint clean and free from damage, for instance, using a car cover, but this article focuses on waxing your car. Below is the authenticated revelation of three misunderstandings that you should avoid at all costs. Continue reading to find out more.

The higher the wax costs, the better the quality

Let's clear the perception from the onset that cost is not proportional to the quality. There is no guarantee of getting best quality, when purchasing the most expensive wax for your car paint protection. The current market offers a diversity of car waxes both solid and liquid, but their effectiveness depends on the following factors as opposed to the cost.

If you have an ordinary car, the normal metal paint series wax or pearl wax is your best choice, it cannot damage the body of your car. But if you have a classy high end car, the high-grade car wax will be your ideal choice because its fine quality body can be destroyed by the normal wax. Green or red car wax is best for dark colored vehicles while white and pearl wax is applicable to light colored vehicles.

During summer, direct sunlight can damage your car's body color, but an anti-UV car wax will keep your car safe. Another kind of wax is called tree butter wax which will protect your car especially when the driving atmosphere is poor.

There are sufficient grounds to conclude that it's not the rich who protects their vehicles best, but the knowledgeable. There are more false notions as discussed below.

Is it necessary to wax the new car?

Not many people know how to protect their brand new cars. Some believe that new cars should be waxed immediately while others believe that new cars are already waxed and protected. This article will reveal to you what is expected of you. As aforementioned, Lanmodo car protection cover or any other car cover will protect your car, but car wax provides protection in more conditions.

Did you know that brand new cars are already waxed on their paint layer? If you decide to wax it immediately after purchase, the original wax will be displaced from the surface of your car resulting to unwarranted wastage.

Contrary to the false perception, applying wax on a brand new car adds little value. Before you conclude, consider one last deception about car paint protection, the desired frequency of car waxing.

Waxing doesn't have to be done so frequently

The presence of many new car paint protection products in the market doesn't suggest that waxing should be done frequently. If you drive your car on conditioned roads, good environment as well as park it in good garages, it will not necessitate frequent waxing. By touching to determine the smoothness of your car, you can tell whether or not it needs waxing. Generally, a car exposed to open air will need to be waxed after about 2-3 months.

In addition to car paint protection, waxing makes your car shine in its color, finishes paint scratches and make washing it easier, but if you're a lover of car covers, then reward yourself with one from the market like the Lanmodo car protection cover. Easily operated with a remote control, Lanmodo car cover can be set up on car roof top like an big umbrella to shelter your car from different elements such as dust, bird droppings, snow, etc. It has the good ability to offer four-season protection to your car.

If well applied according to the terms listed above, waxing is one of the best methods to protect your car. It gives a variety of customized options to apply for optimum protection. Other methods like car cover can also be used, but the choice is yours. From the clarity obtained after reading this article, you are empowered to select your best car protection method, to get value for your investment.

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