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Protection Measures to Car on Snow Days

Mar 12, 2019, 6:23 pm / Lara

Winter is here already and snow is almost upon us. It is time to start putting things in place to minimize the effect of snow. As you put things in place to protect your family in the coming snow, it is also important that you put measures in place to protect your car during this period. It is crucial that you provide adequate car protection for your car in order to keep it safe during the snow days.

How do you protect your car during snow?

Below are some tips that will help you provide maximum protection for your car in the snow.
  1. Prevention of glass-icing
When you get back home and park your car on a snowy day, remember to lift the wiper of the car so that it doesn't get frozen to the front window. Before you drive out the following morning, make sure that you clean up the windshield snow. Do not use the wiper to wipe off the snow, rather, use a non-scratch material to clean off. You might also want to place two newspapers on the front windshield in order to avoid freezing in the front windshield when you park at night.
  1. Check the engine oil of the car
This is the appropriate time to check the oil of the car engine. If it has been long since you serviced your car, you will notice that the color of the oil would have turned black. It is important that you change the oil at this time and carry out the required maintenance in order to ensure that the engine starts smoothly. If you leave the blackened colored oil in the car, there will be poor adhesion which will affect the smooth functioning of the engine.
  1. Pay attention to the battery
The power consumption of the car battery usually increases due to the low temperature and it is easy for the battery to lose electricity and not ignite. In order to prevent battery icing damage, it is recommended that you remove the battery if you plan parking your car outdoor for a long term. Another alternative is to choose an underground parking lot or get a car cover.
  1. Avoid too high or too low tire pressure
During the winter period, tire rubber usually gets hardened and relatively brittle. It is therefore crucial that you pay attention to your car tire and check the pressure before you drive out. The pressure should neither be too high or too low. As much as possible, avoid using replacement tires during this period.
  1. Use a winter car cover to prevent snow block
Usually, snow covered cars will make the interior temperature of the car lower than normal. This will ultimately affect the lifespan of the car's parts. A car cover prevents snowflakes from having a direct contact with the body of car, so it does not create a backlog. A car protection cover like the Lanmodo winter car cover is an ideal choice that will offer total protection for your car during the snowy days.

Why choose Lanmodo winter car cover?

Lanmodo winter car cover protects your car from snow and all the attendant damages that come with it. It is portable, foldable, and easy to carry, so you can use it anywhere. With this car protection cover, you don't have to worry about snow gathering on your windshield or melted snow getting into the wrong parts of your car as it's made of strong military fiberglass frame and durable oxford cloth. You are rest assured of full protection all through the snowy days. This winter car cover also comes with anti theft mechanism that protects your car from intruders. It is also multi-functional which means you can convert it into a beach umbrella, picnic umbrella, outdoor cinema, and fishing canopy. It is designed to offer all year round protection for your car.

It is recommended that you provide utmost protection for your car during the snowy days to avoid spending unnecessarily for repairs after the season is over. The tips that have been highlighted above will help keep your car protected. However, if you do not want to go through the stress of scraping snow off your windshield every morning, it is recommended that you invest in Lanmodo winter car cover.

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