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Preventing the Damages on Your Vehicle's Exterior Without a Garage

Mar 13, 2019, 2:02 pm / Abigail Williams

Owing a car is obviously an achievement for many people. While a personal car may be a possession of convenience to help them move from point A to B, for others, a car is a symbol of wealth. To both, maintaining this great possession is relatively troublesome considering the costs involved. The exterior of your car is one of the most vulnerable parts susceptible to destructive elements in the environment. However, do not worry much as this post is going to share with you a couple of tips that you can apply to protect your car without a garage.

Part 1: Hail Damage

Hail and hail storms are other environmental elements that have the effect of causing serious damage to your car. They are so severe because they usually affect the entire vehicle if left uncovered. The size of the dents and divots left behind by the hail make the hood of your car quite unsightly, and you will have to get it fixed by a mechanic, which can be costly. Apart from leaving your car's hood and roof with unsightly dents, the hail, and hail storms also cause internal damages under the hood that may not be seen with the naked eyes.

Solution: Cover the Car with Thick Blankets

The impact of hail and hailstones on your car's surface can be reduced by covering it with a thick blanket. I know, most of you didn't know that a blanket can actually be a usable car protection cover, but it is. Get an old quilt or some old pieces of clothes and use them to cover your car in the event of a hail storm. The buffering effect of this layer of blanket reduces the impact of hail and hailstones that would otherwise damage and leave behind unsightly dents.

Part 2: Sun Damage

The body of your car is covered in layers of paint and clear coat. However, regardless of the quality of paint and clear coat applied on the body, the sun will always manage to damage it if exposure is prolonged. If you tend to leave your car exposed to the sun for hours, you will notice it fading and peeling leaving behind unsightly patches on the surface. This is usually as a result of blistering of the car paint.

Also, when the sun is too hot, and the car is uncovered, the resulting high temperatures can damage the interior while at the same time creating an uncomfortable environment inside the car.

Solution: Frequent washing and waxing

Most people make the mistake of washing their car only a couple of times, and that's it. Well, the secret to preventing damages to your car's exterior without a garage lies in frequently washing and waxing it. If you do this, you will have managed to prevent the effects of the hot sun and high temperatures on your car. However, not all waxes are high-quality. As such, you should be careful to ensure you get the right quality of wax.

Part 3: Tree and Pollen Damage

If you are one of the people who park your car under a tree, then you are actually exposing it to a lot of environmental elements that could damage the exterior. To begin with, the leaves falling off of the tree may be deciduous and thereby have a corrosive effect on the car's paint. Secondly, there is tree sap. This is known to etch the clear coat which will result in discoloration and stains. Other than deciduous leaves and tree sap, there's also pollen which contains acids that can easily trigger oxidation and eat away your car's exterior. If the pollen finds its way to the interior, it may cause allergic reactions to your children if they use the car. Bird droppings from birds residing on the tree are not an exception, and they could cause serious damage to your car.

Solution: Invest in a Car Cover or Canopy

The damages caused by environmental elements can be prevented by simply investing in a car cover or canopy. This will offer full shelter to your car by protecting it from fallen leaves, dust, heat and rain. The Lanmodo car protection cover is an effective way to stop all these environmental elements. Other than protecting your car from fallen leaves, it also keeps the sun and hail away making it the ideal option for outdoor parking protection for your car anytime, anywhere.

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