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Portable Car Covers, Easy Your Life

Mar 6, 2019, 4:54 pm / Brian Lageose
Have you been in such a situation where you've had a long day at work, stressed out from activities and unpleasant interactions with colleagues at work and the only thing on your mind is to get into your car and drive straight home? Yes, I'm sure you have. You pick up your keys, straight to your car, however, you go only to be greeted by hot, choking air booming into your face and boiling upholstery gladly waiting to burn your skin? We've got a solution – Lanmodo Car Umbrella!

This portable car cover umbrella brings a lot of benefits. The 36-degree-centigrade-difference car umbrella has the ability to keep your car at a very, very comfortable temperature so you could be on the go at the snap of your fingers with its anti-heated theory.

Car interiors get hot and uncomfortable if left too long in the sun, you need to let the hot air out before you start driving. In the long run, the heat damages both the exterior and the interior of your car, to say nothing of dust accumulation and the menace of bird droppings. The car cover umbrella creates a makeshift shade over your car that may protect it from all these. Sunny days only? No, the innovate car umbrella takes care of rainy days too! So you don't have to get soaked up when alighting from your car, no need struggling with your door while trying to pull out your portable umbrella. The 2100mm x 3500mm umbrella has been designed just for you and your car, giving you that convenience, comfort, and confidence you need even when the element is against you!

The Lanmodo car umbrella is just 6 kilogram in mass and 85cm in length when folded for better carriage. Portability is very important to us for multipurpose use so when next you are going for that picnic, you need not worry about keeping the sun at bay for that perfect get-together. The car umbrella takes adequate care of that. Everyone loves choices so it comes with an array of spectacular designs to enable you to stand out from the crowd. Personalization is the future and we at Lanmodo put you first. You can choose from our wide range of colors.

That's not all. This portable car umbrella has its seamless protective covering and automatically adjustable frames all controlled by the press of a button so your proximity to the car isn't a problem at all. It's convenience via technology just for you. Its adjustable windproof ropes also give you that added advantage to adjust the umbrella to suit the length of your car.

This amazing gadget will make your life easier. Yes, if it's true that:
  1. you tend to park your car outside the garage for the night;
  2. you often go to picnics during hot summer days;
  3. you often leave the car outside when you are in the office;
  4. you are tired of sweating after returning to the vehicle;
  5. you want to clean the roof of your car less frequently.

A good portable car umbrella has to be able to withstand stiff breeze with speed of 13m/s(61km/h). The umbrella holds automatically leave their position. How about stability? It has also been fitted with four wind ropes that can be attached to the handles of the car for better stability. And protection from scratch? The umbrella has been designed with high quality, soft and durable material to prevent causing harm to your car surface.
Leaving your Lanmodo auto umbrella unfolded and walking away from your car shouldn't bother you at all as its anti-theft design guarantees protection from theft. The prevent theft rope is so strong it cannot be cut so easily. Too many possibilities with just one umbrella? Not too worry, your budget can accommodate one superior umbrella! It is all you could ever want and need.

The Lanmodo car umbrella, making life easier!

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