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Pick Lanmodo Car Cover to Protect Your New BMW X5

Mar 13, 2019, 11:25 am / Evelyn Smith

When you buy a luxury car for thousands of dollars, you should consider how to protect it from damage. BMW X5 represents the pinnacle of automotive luxury. More so, the BMW X5 gives a feeling of lightness and nimbleness thanks to the classical design and athletic styling. This luxury car needs to be protected interior and exterior from weather-related outdoor damaging elements. Lanmodo offers protection required of best car cover making it suitable for protection of this emerging luxury car.

Why you need to protect your new BMW X5

No matter the beauty of your car when rolled out of a showroom, if exposed to wash outdoor elements, it will not be long the exterior part will be damaged. That is why you should plan for a good car cover when you want to get a new car. To make sure that your BMW X5 continues to look sparkling new, you should protect the exterior surface with good cover.

Adding to protecting the exterior surface of your car, it is also important to consider providing the accessories required protection. When you preserve the accessories of your luxury car, it will perform well and look good. That is why you should ensure you get a good cover for your newly purchased luxury car.

Allowing your car to be exposed to outdoor elements can result in damages that will cost a lot of money to repair. If you do not want to start spending money repainting your car or changing the windscreen, you should provide it with adequate cover.

What kind of protection Lanmodo can offer for BMW X5

Lanmodo is the number one brand in the car umbrella industry. It is built to offer different kinds of protections to cars. Some of these protections include:

  1. Offer four-season protection: Lanmodo is manufactured with a quality material that made it the best four-season car cover. So, with Lanmodo, you will be sure of absolute protection on your car in summer, winter, autumn, and spring.
  2. Summer --heat, high temperature: The summer heat will no longer damage the exterior part of your car when you have Lanmodo auto cover. It is constructed to shield cars from the Summer heat, thanks to its temperature reducing feature.
  3. Spring and Autumn: During the Spring and Autumn period, people usually get their car littered with all manner of dirt. Some of this dirt includes falling leaves, birding dropping, dust, and others. Lanmodo car cover can protect your car from them all.
  4. Winter: Lanmodo can protect your car from winter snow, hail, low temperature, and many other Winter related harsh elements.
  5. Protect your car paint: Lanmodo is will protect your car paint from daily damages such as peeling, scratching and others. So, with this car umbrella, your car will look like brand new even after many years of use.

How can Lanmodo car cover keeps your car safe

Lanmodo car cover keeps your car safe in various ways. Some of these ways include:

  1. Strong framework: Lanmodo is made with a framework of military fiberglass. This framework is strong enough to withstand a storm. That means, your car will be protected from damages caused by the storm in Spring, Autumn, Winter, and Summer.
  2. Oxford cloth: To ensure your car is fully protected from damaging elements, Lanmodo auto cover is needed as it is durable Oxford cloth. This cloth is the best quality with its durability.
  3. Foldable: Lanmodo is also foldable without stress. The foldable feature of Lanmodo is the reason why it is portable enough to be carried to anywhere at any time.
  4. Strong suction cup, windproof straps, 2 layer canopy: Lanmodo is made with a strong suction cup, waterproofed straps, and a two-layer canopy, hence withstanding 30mph winds.

Lanmodo car cover, DIY supported

It is necessary for you to know that Lanmodo auto car umbrella can easily be customized to meet the need of a user. Lanmodo canopy is removable and customizable with your best design and colored canopy. You can also make a BMW logo to match your newly purchased luxury car utilizing the customizable feature of Lanmodo. The good thing is that you can request for the company to customize the canopy for you depending on your needs. You can also choose to buy another canopy and change it in your home. Changing the Lanmodo canopy for customization does not take time.

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