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Must-do Tasks After Buying a Car

Mar 13, 2019, 2:35 pm / Richard

Buying a car or car buying, as one may put it, is never an easy thing to do. Some cars are relatively cheap while others will cost a fortune for one to purchase. No matter how cheap or expensive yours may be, it just doesn't end at its purchase. A lot of us are guilty of neglecting our cars completely, or do the very least things that we have to do to keep them on the road. On the other side, there are some of us that want to take good care of our newly purchased car, but don't know what to do or how to go about it.

Below are the must-do tasks you as a car owner should know or do after buying a car. They are grouped into two parts.


1. Driving Recorder: This device records driving information, situations, etc., and it is an important means of providing evidence during and after traffic accidents. As the device is a driving assistant system and also aids in auxiliary driving and monitoring, every car owner is expected to install it in his or her car.

2. Night Vision Device for Car: During the night, this device helps one to see better on the road while driving, and can also be used in a rainy and foggy weather. It provides the user a clear vision. In this case, Lanmodo car night vision system is worthy purchasing for your car. In addition to easy installation, it can show the 1080P as well as full color image which is different from the in-dash one. With the help of such driving assistant system, the chance of night driving safety increases a lot.

3. Foot Pad and Trunk Mat: Buying foot pads and trunk mats is also a must-do task after buying a car. These two items can effectively prevent the floor flannel from becoming worn out or dirty. But, if the foot pad and the trunk mat get dirty, just take them out and rinse them.

4. Storage Box: To keep your new bought car clean, there are small objects you will need, and the storage box is a perfect place to keep them. It can also be seen as a toolbox where you can store your car tools like wrenches, hammers or snow brush and defrosting shovel (often used during snow winter seasons).

5. Outdoor Car Cover: Do you dream of having the best car protection? To prevent hot sun rays, acidic rains, bird droppings, falling objects from causing damages to your car, you must have your car covered while it is parked. You already have a home garage, and you can find a parking lot on the road side, but it will never be a burden to carry an outdoorcar cover to wherever you drive to. Try the Lanmodo car cover as it is designed with the portable and light weight features, but also solid and durable to prevent various unnecessary damages to a car, from weather condition like rain, hot sun, snow to daily elements like tree sap, falling objects, etc. Once you park the car outside, the Lanmodo car cover is the best protective assistant to your car.


1. Tire: Always check the tires of your car, mainly by observing whether the tire is excessively worn out, damaged, or cracked, and also pay attention to the change in tire pressure.

2. Wiper: The wiper is a rubber product that gets weak overtime, and it reduces the wiper effect. The wiper blade also takes a while to replace. In fact, the wiper blade replacement has no fixed cycle. It is just to observe the wiper effect of the wiper blade. If you feel that the wiper effect is not satisfactory, then you can replace it.

3. Brake pad: A brake system that is poorly maintained could cause a ghastly accident, so, the brakes of your car are not something you can be ignorant of. The moment your brakes start squealing or the pedals start feeling mushy, it is definitely the right time to replace them.

4. Battery: The average life span of an auto battery should be between 4 to 5 years, but most recent modern batteries don't need much maintenance. In the case of using maintenance free battery, you need to ensure that your battery posts are always clean and corrosion-free.

Compared with buying a car, there are still a lot of things to do after buying. If the car is properly maintained, then the level of comfort during driving or the value of reselling the car will be higher. Therefore, it is not only necessary to use the car well, but also to be well protected, in order to bring more happiness to yourself.

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