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Lanmodo Portable Car Cover Adds Joy to Your Life

Mar 13, 2019, 8:16 pm / Brian Lageose

Gone are those days when a car cover could perform only one function, i.e. to protect your car from the harm that nature would bring to it. If you are done with the manual car covers that takes ages to cover your car then switch to the easy to use, wireless, and state of the art mobile car cover-Lanmodo. Today, Lanmodo portable car cover can offer you several functions which will transform your life as well as that of your car's.

Lanmodo car cover will take care of your car

The top priority of car owners is the protection of their prized possession. That is the reason they want to protect it all times and all places. Lanmodo Portable car cover is just what they need and because of its easy installation. With just a single press on the wireless remote your car will have the coverage it deserves. This is by far the most unique feature one can ever come across in a car cover. The makers of Lanmodo car cover have thrown bricks and stones at the car cover to check the quality of the material, which is military fibreglass, and the result proved its power to withstand them all. Your car needs protection from the scorching heat of the sun, the freezing cold, and the accumulated dust. Get Lanmodo portable car cover to keep your car away from all harm.

Open Your Own Business Stand

If you are planning to set up your stall in the flea market then the Lanmodo portable car cover won't disappoint you. Another mesmerizing feature of the Lanmodo portable car cover is its extremely portability. The portable folding car cover makes it a child's play to fold and unfold it anytime you want. You can store it in the back of your trunk for it occupies the least amount of space. With an additional adjustable stand, it can transform into a large outdoor umbrella. When you open it the umbrella will look so magnificent that all eyes will be fixed on it. Now, is the time to do something creative with your spare time. How about opening a fruit stall or prepare your favorite dish and earn some money on it? All of this can be achieved with a mobile car cover.

Enjoy outdoor life with Lanmodo

If you are wondering how to spend your weekends or enjoy your holidays with your loved ones then it is time you pay attention to Lanmodo. From camping to fishing to relaxing on the beach, you can do it all. Lanmodo car cover takes only a matter of minutes to transform into a relaxing beach umbrella. Fix it with an additional stand and you will have a pleasurable and memorable beach holiday. Not only can the mobile car cover protect your car but also transforms into a big and spacious camping tent. It can shelter as many as seven people under it. Lanmodo will ensure that you end up enjoying endless outdoor activities with all your family members and friends.

You will also get a USB port with the Lanmodo Portable car cover that is close to the base of the tent. This will ensure that you can plug in the LED lights. So, go ahead and plan a night of fishing, partying, camping or spend your days relaxing on the beach.

How about a customized car cover?

Lanmodo customized car cover also gives you the chance to have a unique one that looks exactly the way you want it to. The innovative and creative options just keep on expanding. How about using your all time favorite picture as the car cover. You can even promote the company information by printing its logo on the car cover. There are no limitations on the letters, patterns, characters, or customized colors on the car cover.

Lanmodo portable car cover is designed for every car owner. Its automatic design along with several other features makes it a must have product.

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