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Lanmodo Car Cover Offers Convenience to Your Life

Mar 12, 2019, 5:50 pm / Brian Lageose

Your car is a valuable property, so it should be given absolute protection at all times. The environment where you live and the abnormal climatic conditions can do damage to motor vehicles, when they are stored outside unprotected. The best place to store a car is a covered carport or a garage. However, not every car owner has this option, in which case a car cover by Lanmodo serves is the next best thing for car protection. When you have a car cover for your car, it can help you keep it in the highest degree of excellence, while offering you convenience in life.

Lanmodo car cover is extremely foldable and lightweight

There is a large supply of car covers in the market, but most of them are difficult to carry around because of the bulk and weight. The Lanmodo portable car cover is different. It can be conveniently unfold and fold into a compact size of 85cm, allowing for easy storage and transport. The smart folding structure is stable, making certain of a smooth operation.

This is a great and helpful product for car owners, who are always active and busy and travels from one place to another. Without a car cover, you will need to spend so much time and effort finding a suitable place, where you can park your car. But when you have a Lanmodo car cover inside your trunk, you won't have to spend time looking for a covered parking. It has a large surface to cover the entire car body and protect it from elements like dust, bird droppings, acid rain, twigs and leaves and any other.

Lanmodo car cover is easy to use

How would you like a car cover that you can use in an instant? Yes, you need only 30 seconds to have it installed and just 8 seconds for each folding and unfolding operation. How convenient, isn't it? You simply unpack it and attach it to the roof of your vehicle, using wireless technology. A touch of a button on your remote control device can set it in motion and you just watch and wait, until it comes fully expanded. You can leave it there, do your business and come back for it at the end of the day. You will be amazed at how this car cover can efficiently serve its purpose. Besides protection from the falling objects that save you from frequently washing and waxing your ride, it is also capable of withstanding strong winds and rain and even hail. Lanmodo car cover comes with strong ropes and metal hooks that provide stability to it.

A Lanmodo car cover protects your car and yourself from the extreme heat

Car damage that results during the summer season results from parking the vehicle in direct sunlight, without any car cover. The UV rays of the sun beats down your vehicle without ceasing, thus affecting the interior and the exterior. In addition, when you leave your motor vehicle sitting for too long uncovered, the temperature inside goes up, which is not good for you and the kids and the accessories inside.

A Lanmodo car cover keeps your car cool. This innovative car cover can efficiently reduce the temperature by 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Why, because the canopy has a silver coating that provides a great shade, while the vehicle is parked. Therefore, when you leave it and then come back to it, after a day at the workplace or the beach, you can enter it without feeling like you are burning or your kids getting baked in their car seats.

Lanmodo car cover transforms into multiple tools

This is another amazing feature of the car cover by Lanmodo; it is multifunctional. Besides providing protection from the elements of the weather, it can transform into a tent, by simply adding some stands and extra canopies. A great product, especially when you want to spend a weekend with your family or colleagues in nature.

Convert the car cover into a camping tent, a fishing umbrella, a family yard umbrella and a tent for the garden or backyard party. This is a product that serves several purposes. Therefore, when you are planning to celebrate outside your house don't let the need for a tent keep you from enjoying mother nature. The Lanmodo car cover makes a safe shelter for you and your group.

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