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Lanmodo Car Cover Can Protect Your Car Indoors and Outdoors

Mar 13, 2019, 2:31 pm / Abigail Williams

There is no reason not to buy a car cover, because whether you store your vehicle indoors or outdoors, it needs to be protected. Hazards that can cause damage to your car should be avoided, so that you can maintain its looks and performance. Every type of car cover is readily available in the market, however since there are so many of them, it can be confusing and difficult to decide, which one is best to buy. Car covers are not created the same. Some are good only for indoor storage and the others are suitable for storing outdoors, but there are also covers that can provide protection to cars, regardless of whether they are parked indoors or outdoors.

Indoor Car Cover

Indoor car covers is used to protect your car that you park inside a building, in a garage, covered parking, or a shop. There are indoor elements that can damage a vehicle such as dust, dirt and pollen. We can add here some hazards in the garage like lawn equipment, kids' bikes, garden tools, the kids themselves and other garage clutter.

An indoor cover can keep the car clean from dust, dirt and pollen. There can be times when a kid or two rush their bikes in and race to see who is faster. In doing so, they let the handlebars ding the car that is inside. When a car is covered, this problem can be avoided. At the same time, you may decide that instead of buying an indoor cover, it would be better to choose the heavy duty outdoor cover. It can offer better protection, and you can use it when you by chance choose to park your car outside.

Outdoor Car Cover

Outdoor car covers is just what it is called. It is for protection of cars that are parked outdoor, under the tree, on the driveway and on the streets. Firstly, there are outdoor elements like rail dust, jet fuel particles and acid rain; and they all eat away your paint job and ruin the clear coat. There are also things like bird poop and tree sap that will cause etching and are difficult to remove and will leave marks of rubbing off. Tree branches and cat claws are also to be taken seriously, as they will do great damage to your car paint. The UV rays of the sun can also do a lot of harm to your exterior and the interior will also take a hit. The leather or cloth seats will fade and the dashboard becomes warped as well. The elements of weather - hail, snow, sleet and rain can do great damage to your car if it is not covered.

How Lanmodo Car Cover Protect Your Car

Whether your car is, stored indoors or outdoors, a Lanmodo car cover is capable of protecting it from the external elements. It will catch all the bird poops, tree sap, and falling leaves from the trees above it. Your car will get enough protection from dust and dirt as well. The silver coated Oxford cloth will prevent the sun from fading the paint of your car, also so that the interior does not get destroyed. The fiberglass framework makes the Lanmodo car cover very stable and provides complete support, so that it can withstand hail, snow and winds.

Since the Lanmodo and Lanmodo Pro versions are large enough to cover a vehicle from end to end, it can give total protection to sedans, minivans, trucks, and almost any other type and size of cars that you may own. A Lanmodo car cover has been designed with a foldable structure which makes it portable; so it is super easy to carry around in your trunk and use whenever and wherever you need to park. When it comes to protection, Lanmodo has got you covered. It will take care of your car and shield it from the hazards in the garage and the outdoors.

Lanmodo Can Also Enrich Your Outdoor Life

The Lanmodo car cover is multi-functional, which means it can fulfill other functions besides protecting your car. With extra stand and side canopies, it can convert into a camping tent, a beach umbrella, a picnic umbrella, an outdoor theater and other types of tents that you can use for all your outdoor activities. You can go camping, on a picnic, to the beach, fishing or host a party outside the home. When you have a Lanmodo car cover, you never have to worry about the tent that will give you shade or protection from the elements, thereby enriching your outdoor life.

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