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How to Use Vehicle Safely in Hail Weather?

Mar 13, 2019, 11:33 am / Lara

One of the biggest possessions you have with you is your car. It is not only expensive but also your perfect companion when you need to travel and it can be either for professional or personal reasons. Car protection is very important for you to maintain your car and to make it capable to serve you in long run efficiently. There are so many natural hazards that the car need to face while taking you on a drive in tough weather condition or even when it remains parked outside. Hail storm is one such hazard which causes serious damage to cars if there is lack of needed car protection cover.

Part 1 How to prevent car damage caused by hail?

  1. One of the simple and cheap way is finding a large shield or quilt to protect your car at home completely. As because the material used in the making of the quilt is elastic in nature, it buffs the impact of the hail. We can explain it like putting a protective coat on a car to save it from hail storm attack.
  2. Application of hail proof car protection cover like Lanmodo car protection cover will protect your car from the heavy fists of hail. The hail will fall on the cover and material of this cover is strong enough to bear the hail as it is made of sturdy fiberglass structure and durable Oxford cloth. It acts just like a buffer to avoid any damage to the car.
  3. Avoid parking your car under a tree. You may ask why. Well the reason is that when the hail comes, it falls directly on the bushy trees and more and more hail starts accumulating on the branches. The moment the branches fail to bear the pressure of hail, the branches will start breaking down. If accidentally any of the branches fall on the car top or any parts of it, it will aggravate the damage to the vehicle.

Part 2 What should you do when hail is coming and you are driving?

  1. The scenario is one of the critical ones for a driver on road with moving car. The very first thing that you need to do is to slower down the speed of the car. Never ever keep your car in high speed, because it is going to increase the impact of the hailstorm and may cause serious damage to the vehicle be it of any shape and size.
  2. If you are aware of any large supermarkets or shopping malls nearby the location where you are at that time then ensure to drive out to there on immediate basis. Large supermarkets or shopping malls often have underground parking lots, park in the underground parking lots to avoid the baptism of hail. You can come out of the car and move to the supermarket stroll to buy something to drink and to get away from the hailstorm boring time.
  3. If in case you fail to find any underground car park around you well then look for a safe place to stop the car. The driver need to move back to take a sit in the back seat of the car. We are recommending this as because there are windscreens in the front row, the front windshield has the risk of being smashed and smashed under the condition of severe hail and rain. This will endanger the safety and cause risk to life of the people including the driver in the vehicle.
  4. Look for a suitable location to park your car to avoid hail rain. Ensure you turn on the double flashing lights, especially in the case if it is dark. You should also turn on the wide lights for indicating the rear vehicles.

Part 3 What should you do after the hail?

  1. Once you get the confirmation that the hail rain has stopped slowly get out of the car to check the damage caused to the vehicle. Give a check to the windows for notifying any cracks on it.
  2. Before you start the car to move on the road, ensure that you cleaned up the residue from the car, just like the hailstones which falls on the car.

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