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How to Reduce Your Car Maintenance Bills?

Mar 13, 2019, 8:15 pm / Brian Lageose

Owning a car is no doubt an expensive investment. You need to face a huge reduction from your saved money or you need to pay the loan premiums for a long time. And in this type of situation, you probably would not prefer to spend a huge amount of money on car maintenance. If you do not want to spend huge money on the maintenance the simply don't! There are some other ways to keep your car in a good condition without spending huge bucks. And the best and cost-effective way is taking care of the car by yourself. Not only you but also there are a lot of car owners who prefer to wash their car by themselves for better cleanliness. Apart from this, there are other effective ways for proper maintenance and car protection from damage and let's discuss those in the following section-

1. Wash your car by yourself

Professional car wash with the oversize brushes may damage your car. Maybe your car looks too much strong although you cannot enable any harsh way to clean it. Washing it in a delicate manner is the best way. With some hazard-free car wash shampoo, water, and small brushes or cotton clothes, you can easily wash it. Washing in this way also ensures great hygiene inside and outside of the car. But when it comes to professional wash then the professional men will offer you the same old brushes and one type shampoo for all kinds of car washing purpose. And that cannot be hygienic at all!

2. Maintain a safe distance from the sun ray

Exposing the human body to the sun may help to gain Vitamin-D but you may not try this way with your car! Leaving the car just under the strong sun ray can permanently damage its paint, losing the actual color and shine. And the most shocking part is that UV rays can damage more badly to the entire car including the dashboard, plastic making of the interior, engine, and tires. And that's why you are suggested to use any shady space for the parking. Yes, here a dilemma takes place and that is getting always a shady space for the parking is not possible. In order to combat this type of situation, you can use car protection cover such as Lanmodo car cover. Generally, this cover is really great to properly shed the entire car. It has a silver coating on its roof cloth. The silver coating protects the car from the UV rays and prohibits heat build-up. It is able to keep its interior temperature comfortable cooling up to 36 degrees than other cars without a shed.

3. Repair the car by yourself

Small cuts, a little cold, and flu can be cured by home remedies or self-treatment. And people don't need to visit a doctor all the time. And your car can be treated in the same way. It is not that all the little scratches, fixing the looking glass or repairing some engine problems always need professional help. You too can fix it. How? Yes, here you will need some mechanical knowledge but for that, you don't have to join any class. There are a lot of DIY tutorial videos are available on the internet, mainly on YOUTUBE. From there, you can easily gain some knowledge and fix your car.

4. Drive gently

You need to try driving in a gentle manner always. Driving in hurry or enabling any rush driving may end up by inviting devastating accidents. Then why will you do this? Driving carefully helps you a lot to protect your car from accidents. When there is no accident then you can easily save the cost you may have to spend on the repairing of the accident injuries of your car.

5. Be a smart driver

If you drive by following all the safe driving rules then you can easily avoid an accident. Sit in the right position, lock the seatbelt properly, do not use the phone during driving, and you need to handle the steering by using your two hands. Actually, it has been noticed that often people use only one hand to control the steering wheel. And you should NEVER do this.

These are the easiest ways to save car maintenance bill, and you too can follow it. A lot of people are following these ways on a regular basis and they getting profited. And now you too should start following these ways!

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