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How to Protect Your Car from UV Rays Damage?

Mar 13, 2019, 8:15 pm / Brian Lageose

Having or purchasing a brand new car is a long term investment. It's something that can serve you for decades to come if you take good care of it or just years if you fail to maintain it like it deserves. You may be so caring and conscious about your car only to find out at the end that it's still getting damaged by dents, cracks, faded paint and other hideous looking issues. If you have experienced these, it's very likely to have occurred due to the intense UV rays of the sun. Do you know how to perfectly protect your car from this constant threat?

How do UV rays damage your car?

During the summers, the sun is super hot and emitting out the maximum amount of ultraviolet rays (UV). These are the very rays towards which the doctors warn us against skin aging and damaging. It's no different for cars either!

The ultraviolet rays contain a massive amount of energy. When these rays collide on an object, the energy is transferred to the molecules inside the object, causing them to vibrate much faster than before. Most of the times, the energy goes off as heat but in case of very strong ones, the molecular bonds can break because of extensive movement. When this happens to a lot of paint molecules of the car surface, the car starts to lose its shine and becomes duller in color.

Prolonged exposure to the sun can also lead to cracks and dents on the roof of the car which become more and more worse if not taken care of.

Ways to Protect Your Car From UV Rays

Cars getting damaged from UV rays is not something new or unknown. Everyone is aware of the problem but few take action to apply the required solutions. Here are the foremost precautions to take.

1. Reduce exposure to sunlight

This one is an obvious one. If you are going somewhere, always look for a parking spot where there is shade, even if it is under a large tree. The point is, save as much of your car from the UV threat as possible.

Try not to go out too much when the temperatures are extremely high. Same applies to us humans too, it's not good for cars either to drive around in scorching heat of the sun.

Don't be lazy and keep your car under shelter even if you are away for a short amount of time. Whether it be the pickup of your friends, work shifts, home or anywhere, make sure the car is always protected from sun rays.

2. Apply paint coating

This is another highly effective method. There are many products that can serve as a protection between your car's paint and the UV rays. These products often come in the form of sprays or film layers that can either be applied by professionals or by yourself.

The best part about this solution is that it does not limit yourself from driving out. You can go out at anytime in any temperature and rest assured because a separate liquid coating will be protecting your paint and absorbing the potential damage.

3. Shield with car protection cover

Having a car protection cover is a highly useful way of protecting your entire car's body from sun, rain and other climatic conditions. Today, there are hundreds of companies producing different brands of such products however, the Lanmodo car cover is the most innovative and convenient of all.

This car protection cover reflects most of the UV rays and heat, thus maintains a comfortable internal temperature. It can help to cool down your car temperature up to 36 degrees Celsius compared with those without the cover. It is also automatic in nature, operated by the press of a few buttons on a remote control and multi-purpose i.e. usable at more than one occasion with a different function.

In addition, the Lanmodo car cover is produced in a portable design that can be folded to become small enough to fit side in your car's trunk. With this convenience at hand 24/7, you can combat the sun at any time of the day.

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