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How to Protect Your Car for Home Storage?

Mar 13, 2019, 2:32 pm / Lara

When you have a car with you it's clear you are its parent and just like the way parent care for their kids you need to take care of car too so that it remains safe and serve you better in long run. Is there any specific way to protect your car or car storage when it is parked outside your home? Well we are going to discuss about the steps which you must follow to keep it safe and secured from probable dangers which it may face. In short we will discuss about car protection for home storage.

  • 1. Lock your car--The first and most important thing that you need to keep in mind is the locking of the car when you are out of it. We will suggest you to go for advanced type of locking system so that if accidentally your car is touched or even intentionally by unwanted person you receive a signal sitting right inside the home to take immediate action. It is one of the best ways to keep your car safe from thieves.

  • 2. Take the keys with you--As already mentioned in the earlier point that you must use an advanced lock and key system for your car so we would also like to add that you need to ensure the key is always with you. In case you are having more than one car and taking one out while other parked at your home, then keep the other car key either with you or your spouse or parents. Don't leave it open in front of kids or servants. That may be risky for you and the car may be under danger. Keep the keys with you, so you won't invest a lot of time to find the keys when you use the car again.

  • 3. Park in a well-lit area--It is important to look at the place carefully where you are parking the car. A well-lit area can keep the car interior free and safe from mold and bacteria. Ensure the parking spot is cleaned from time to time. The parking area should be lighted up well.

  • 4. Park in a garage or use car cover--Well protect your car from hot sun, rain, snow, falling objects and many other natural hazards. Now the question that may come to your mind is that what to do if you don't have a dedicated garage for the car at your home. Well, if you have a garage for car parking then that is well and good for you and your car. But in case you want true car protection even when it is parked outside under no shed then why not invest on Lanmodo car protection cover. This is an excellent product which is available for car protection anytime and anywhere. It is a portable car cover which can be installed in less than 30 secs time with use of a remote control. Opening and closing can be done in less than 8 secs times respectively. When you don't need it all that you can do is fold it and put it in the car trunk and carry it wherever you go. It will keep you car well protected from all types of natural hazards and superior quality material is used for its making.

  • 5. Make sure you have fuel--The car should not be out of fuel any time as that will directly affect the functioning of the engine and may cause trouble on road. If you find the car fuel is at low level, fill it up immediately before you park it at your home outdoor. Rusting of the engine may take place if for long time the car remains fuel free and remains parked for days. The tank should always be filled with fuel.

  • 6. Invest in some tools--For small maintenance services which can be done on your own ensure you have a good set of car maintenance tool available with you. Always invest in quality tools for your car care.

  • 7. Enlist a friend--In case you are out of town you shouldn't be parked for a long time. What's the option? Well let your friend to drive a while if you can, this can keep the normal function of the car. An active car is better than an ideal car.

The above are the few things that you can surely do for protecting your car for home storage.

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