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How to Prevent Rust on Your Car?

Mar 13, 2019, 11:37 am / Abigail Williams

Your car is exposed to the elements when you leave them outside for long period of time. Elements such as bird droppings, snow, rain, dust and dirt all have a part in the formation of rust, to say the least. Rust is not just unpleasant to look at; it can also damage the car's body panels and makes the quality of the car frame less acceptable. However, these problems can be avoided by paying attention to the care of your vehicle and not wasting time in stopping rust from becoming noticeable. When rust is discovered early, removing it from the car becomes relatively easy.

Here are some tips in preventing rust from reoccurring, stopping and removing rust on your car.

Find rust before it extends to a wider area

Look closely at the wheel wells and bumpers. When rust starts to appear on a vehicle, the wheel wells are the usual places where it occurs. Car owners tend to skip inspecting these wheel wells because they are generally dirty and not easy to see with clarity. If you find too much dirt, spray them out with water using a hose. Bumpers should be checked on a regular basis, as well as the bottom of your car. Make sure that your vehicle is always dry and not allow water to sit in on it.

Wash your vehicle regularly

Over time, the clear coat and protective cover of your car can be destroyed by elements, such as dust, dirt, bird poops, other debris and even gasoline. These are reasons why you need to wash your car on a regular basis. Don't forget the undercarriage also, because road salts and chemical deposits on the road can cause the bottom of your car to rust, so you have to get rid of them. For road salts, use water, soap and baking soda in washing.

Rinse your car thoroughly after washing, without leaving any strands of dry soap, since they can dull the look of your vehicle. Schedule your car for waxing at least twice a year. Skipping this is not a good idea because wax protects the paintwork and prevents uneven fading when the car is exposed to direct sunlight.

Prevent rust from spreading

You have taken all the necessary steps in preventing the formation of rust on your favorite investment. However, in spite of this, you discover that there is rust on your car. The best way to deal with it is to stop it from spreading. Using a razor blade or a sandpaper with fine grits, scrape off the rust that you have found. After you're done with it, apply a rust arrestor to stop the rusting process. Also sometimes called "rust killer" or "rust converter". The same can be bought from automotive supplies stores.

After the rust arrestor has been applied, allow enough time for it to completely dry, perhaps a few hours depending on the type of chemical solution and the environment. They dry easily, when exposed to sunlight. Apply a thin coat primer on the rust arrestor, once it dries. Then choose the touch up paint that matches your car's color and paint it over the primer.

Use Lanmodo car cover to protect

Cars are metal and so are prone to rusting. Rain, ice or snow can start a chemical reaction called oxidation and this can turn your beautiful car into a vehicle that is old looking and rusty. Lanmodo car cover can protect your car from elements that may cause rusting. It is originally designed to shield your precious vehicle from various damages, big or small.

The Lanmodo Pro is a bigger version, which covers the whole body of your car. It measures 4.8 meters, a size that is enough to provide protection from hail and snow. Other contributing factors are the 210D Oxford fabric and military grade fiberglass reinforcement. These durable materials make the Lanmodo car cover, as stable as it can be and able to withstand heavy snow and hail. The Oxford fabric is also waterproof and snow proof.

The Lanmodo car cover is the best protection you can give your car in all seasons. Hence, it is popular as a four-season car protection cover.

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