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How to Maintain Car Paint in Winter?

Mar 12, 2019, 6:18 pm / Abigail Williams

The maintenance required on cars during the winter period is generally more than what is required at other seasons. This is because the season comes with various hazards that can impact on the car negatively. One part of your car that suffers most during the winter season is the exterior part of the car. It is therefore crucial that you provide adequate car paint protection for it during the winter season to prevent damages to the car paint. In this car protection guide, we will explore the different ways in which you can maintain your car paint during the winter season.

Why Should the Car Paint be Maintained?

The winter climate is very windy and cold which can cause damage to the car paint, more than in other seasons. During winter, the paint can be eroded by acid rain and corrosive substances from the melting of snow. When the rainwater and snow are not properly cleaned on time and stay for a long time on the car, they will make the car lose its shine and luster. In addition to this, it may also cause some metal parts of the car to become rusty.

Over time, natural oxidation occurs in car paint where the car loses its luster due to long term use and exposure to elements. However, the speed of oxidation of car paint accelerates during the winter season. To curb this damage, it is recommended that you invest in some car paint protection products.

Key Points to Protect Your Car Paint in Winter

Below are some tips to help you protect the paint of your car during the winter season.

  1. Wash the Car with Warm Water Regularly
Cold weather sometimes produce ice and the biggest danger when washing cars is to have water droplets freeze on the vehicle. This may lead to paint layer rupture which is not conducive for the surface of the car paint. To prevent this from happening, it is recommended that you use warm water to wash your car during winter. After washing the car, it is important to dry off the water in time to prevent the residual water from freezing at the doors, door seam, or the windows. You should also pay close attention to prevent the freezing of the water in the lock hole of the car. Most importantly, make sure you wash and clean your car immediately after snowing or raining.
  1. Reasonable Parking
You should avoid parking your car at the tuyere but if you can find a leeward parking space during this season, take advantage of it. This is because the leeward is usually dry and makes for a great parking space. Here, you do not have to worry about your car getting stuck in snow because it is quite protected at a leeward parking location. In case you have a home garage, covered parking lot, or a basement, this is the perfect place to park your car. This will fully protect your car from hail and snow.
  1. Paint Curing
You can also invest in best car paint protection product to keep your car protected during the winter season. You can make a whole car seal glaze which is high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, washing resistance, corrosion resistance, and acid rain resistance. It also enhances sealing, and polishing which helps to retain the shine on the car. You can also consider carrying out a polishing procedure on the body of your car. After polishing, the brilliance of the car paint will automatically be restored. When you are considering car protection products, waxing is an economical choice. Waxing can protect car paint all through the year and not only in winter season.

The Best Option of Car Protection in Winter

If you do not have a well covered parking lot and do not want to go through the stress of glazing, polishing or waxing the car paint of your car, the best option is to invest in Lanmodo car protection cover. A car protection cover like the Lanmodo car cover will shelter your car when you go out and leave your car in an open air parking lot. This car canopy is strong enough to protect your car from snow, hail, and acid rain as it is made of sturdy fiberglass frame and durable cloth. It is also big enough to fully cover your car and it is available for nearly all car models.

The Lanmodo car protection cover is indeed your best option for protecting your car all through the winter period. It is very easy to operate by a remote control and it is not only perfect for the winter season, also the best option of car protection for all seasons. What's more, it is also multifunctional that can be converted into a beach umbrella, fishing tent, and picnic umbrella, etc.

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