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How to Choose Car Paint Colors and How to Maintain Its Brightness?

Mar 13, 2019, 2:34 pm / Abigail Williams

We often think that deciding on the color a car should have isn't as important as selecting an engine for the car, but the truth is that a car's color affects the personality of its owner and the selling price of the car. Cars with pink color often come with higher price tags because of its color's uniqueness.

Are you repainting a recently bought vehicle or an old one? Or are you trying to make a decision on the perfect car color for your next vehicle? Whether you are repainting an old car or choosing a color for your next car, below are some of the basic steps to guide you through.

Choosing the Right Paint Color for Your New Car

Colors have great roles they play, such as defining the personality of the car owner and saving the car's value from depreciating. Now that you are out to choose a color for your car, do these things.

Make a list of your favorite colors

Failing to plan is the surest way of planning to fail. To make the best choice of your car paint color, you must begin by drafting out a list of the colors you love most. Doing this will allow you have a clear understanding of the color that gives an insight to your personality, and which is best for your car.

Select a car brand and model

While choosing a car color, you should also consider the brand and model of your car; you don't just opt in for any color just because you like the color. An instance is choosing to paint your pickup truck yellow because you solve yellow and saw it looking nice on a sports car. You may later discover that your pickup truck doesn't look good with the yellow color.

Ask your dealer about color options for the brand and model you want

Remember you know little or nothing about car paint colors and this qualifies you to ask a dealer about available color options for the brands and model of your car before making your final selection. By doing this, you have gotten the suggestion of a professional and can finally make the right color selection for your car.

Choose a color that will look good for the life of your car

Metallic colors have been confirmed to last long, enhance the value of a vehicle if the owner wants to sell it in the future, and are not expensive. Painting your car with a metallic color also saves a user the stress of worrying about car paint protection. This is definitely why metallic colors are also known as 'colors of dependability and value'.

Choose white or silver for a safe color

Although the studies carried out in the U.S.A to prove or disprove any speculation about car colors and their effects on safety have remained indecisive, it will be wise to choose safe colors like silver or white for your car. In addition to the two colors efficiently reflecting sunlight, some insurance companies offer cheap premiums for them.

Maintaining Its Brightness With Protected Measure

Use car cover

Since there are lot of harmful elements can damage the car paint, making its color dim and faded, you have to take measures to protect your car. Apart from do not park the car directly under the sun, especially in summer whose sunshine and UV rays are strong, which can badly damage the car paint, you can go for a car cover to shelter it. In this case, the Lanmodo car cover whose roof cloth is made of special material that can prevent sunshine and heat accumulated on the car directly, has a good function to keep your car away from sun damage. Beside sun proof, this car protection cover can also sturdy enough to withstand snow, hail, falling objects and other elements damage your car. It is indeed a four-season car cover that protects your car all year round.

Avoid scratch from other vehicles

Scratches on the body of a vehicle depreciate the monetary value and beauty of the vehicle. If you are yet to perfect in driving, it is advisable you enroll into a driving school advance your driving knowledge. If you have passed out of driving school before now, congratulations, but you must learn not to cause scratches on people's cars and yours too.

Drive slowly on the uneven road

You know what an uneven road is? Ensure you are conscious of your speed whenever you enter such road. Avoid being on a high speed and drive slowly. No living being would love to be late and become a history.

Wash the car in correct way

If you find it hard to properly wash your car and tidy up the interior of it, then forget about trying to maintain the brightness of your car's new pain. Ensure you properly wash and clean it from time to time.

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