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How Does the Car Change My Life After it Came to My Home?

Mar 13, 2019, 2:02 pm / Brian Lageose

I was a simple man with middle class family background and dreaming of a car for my personal use was a perfect misfit for me. In reality no girl wants to have a boyfriend without a car and that was true for me as I used to feel shy even sending a proposal to the girl I really like. The life we live without a car is very stressful. Every day wait for the public transportation to get to work, school, or even for shopping makes all feel very irritating and for me it was nothing different. In the weekends also I cannot go for a car travel with my family which used to make me feel really sad.

But last year things started turning positive for me when I got promotion with a good salary hike. I decided to take a loan to buy my dream car as it will be easy for me to pay the EMI. After I purchased my own car it really changed my as well as my family's life. Although it cost me bit high to buy the car, it made me confident to propose my girlfriend and she said yes.

Benefits of Having a Car in My Life

There are certain benefits which I experienced after having the car.
  1. Now I can drive the car anytime and anywhere and no more I need to waste time to wait for buses.
  2. Self-driving trip saves money and makes us feel excited as we get enough time. In short it brings changes in lifestyle of a person.
  3. We can decide where to give a stop and when to start after a break when out for a weekend trip.
  4. I can take my girlfriend out for date in my car which gives me the chance to know her better.

Disadvantages of Having a Car in My Life

Besides advantages there are few disadvantages too of having a car.

  1. When you have a car you need to pay attention towards its maintenance too. It costs a lot towards car maintenance. The frequent changes in the oil price created unwanted burden on me. I cannot keep it standstill for days just because the price of oil is at the higher end. I am bound to oil it to protect the engine from rust.
  2. My house is not lavish enough to have a dedicated garage with shed for my car. Without a garage I was forced to keep the car under the sky in the open area. I was really worried about my car safety and then one of my friends recommended me to go for car cover. I was not sure as which company will be the right choice but I was looking for portable cover which I can carry with me wherever I go. Then I came to know about automatic car cover from Lanmodo which is easy to use. The Lanmodo car protection cover can give shelter to my car from hot sun, snow, rain, bird droppings and also helps in stopping heat accumulation.
So with the availability of the amazing car canopy from Lanmado it is no more difficult for me to maintain my car and that too with limited expenses. My family loves my car a lot and enjoys the moments when I take them out on my car. My parents are proud of my achievement and my car is the true symbol of what I earned in such a young age in my career.

It will be difficult for you to imagine as what your life will be unless you own a car. Every member in my family treats the car as one of the important family members. All of us will take care of it and value it but I don't need to think much about maintenance as I have the Lanmodo with me.

Every time when we go out for a road trip, we will take with Lanmodo just not for the fact that it will protect my car but also because of its multiple features. I can use it as camping tent and beach umbrella. It's an amazing car protection product which all must have for security of the car.

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