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General Knowledge of Car Exterior Maintenance

Mar 12, 2019, 5:53 pm / Lara

What else could be a bliss than buying a new car! The efficiency, performance, comfort, and above all, the car exterior drives you crazy for your new possession. You love going for long drives and loading your car with more accessories. However, after some time, you notice a decline in your car's exterior. Its shine fades away, the paint gets scratches, and the parts on the exterior also look old and damaged, sometimes, even broken. In short, your new car does not remain new anymore. You eventually feel guilty to have used your car vigorously. But, isn't it what your car is meant for? Then how would you keep your lovely vehicle as maintained as new despite regular use?

Well, if you take care of the car exterior maintenance, you will certainly prolong the attraction and performance efficiency of your car. In fact, you can even relive your new car with some basic tricks and tips. Here we list them all for you.

1. Keep Your Car Clean

The prime source ruining your car' exterior is dust. The particles, whether large or small, roughen the surface of the car. They get adhered to the paint, making it lose the shine and become dirty. While you cannot avoid dust and dirt from striking your car, you certainly protect it from the subsequent damages by regular cleaning.

By cleaning, we don't mean usual wiping. Rather, make sure you regularly wash your car with a car cleaning agent or a slightly alkaline soap. Do not use detergents or soaps with high alkalinity as it will only accelerate the damage to the car's paint.

You can also use car paint protection film to avoid minor wear and tear to the paint. Whereas, you can also use a car cover to keep the dirt and dust away from your vehicle. For instance, Lanmodo car cover prevents all the damaging factors from striking your car's surface and ruin its exterior.

2. Protect Your Car From Rain Water

Rain is another serious threat to your car. While some people are too lazy to wash their cars, they just keep their car standing in the rains, thinking that it will be washed naturally. However, rains, particularly, the acid rains badly destroy your car's paint. Not only they diminish the paint luster but also triggers rust and corrosion in the interior parts of the vehicle.

Thus, make sure you wipe any rainwater drops off your car as soon as possible to avoid any damage. Using a car cover will also ensure adequate car interior protection too along with the exterior protection.

3. Ensure Waxing The Surface Regularly

Unless you use car paint protection, your car's look will eventually fade over time. To avoid this loss, and to ensure the same brand new glossy look even after years, your car needs regular waxing and polishing. These are pocket-friendly remedies for care exterior maintenance.

Therefore, make sure to polish and wax your car's surface at regular intervals. You do not need to have any specific timetable for that. Rather, repeating this activity after driving for some time will suffice. Don't forget to wipe and clean your car before waxing. Moreover, after you're done, always keep using a Lanmdo car protection cover to shelter it when outdoor parking.

4. Apply Anti-Rust Measures

Rust is yet another problem for your car's interior as well as exterior. Though the car's paint fights well against this problem due to its anti-rust properties. Yet, when the paint gets damaged, the inner metallic surface of your car becomes vulnerable to corrosion. Therefore, alongside taking care of the car paint, make sure to employ some anti-rust measures as well to prolong the life of your car.

5. Ensure Greasing Of Polished Metal Parts

Polished metal surfaces and parts, despite being robust against damages, also need your attention. Over time, these parts get damaged due to scratches from dirt, sharp objects, and tools. So, regular waxing and polishing these parts is also necessary to prolong your car's look and efficiency.


Car exterior maintenance is as important for your car as the maintenance of its internal parts. With the tips shared above, you will certainly notice how attractive your car remains for years. Not only will it perform better, but will also give you a good resale value.
Happy driving!

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