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Ford in Winter Season: What to do?

Mar 13, 2019, 11:33 am / Evelyn Smith

Winter season is a very tough season for humans and even cars. Therefore, taking care of your Ford during this season is very important. Snow, salt, ice, and many other elements are detrimental to the safety of your car and being able to put measures in place to mitigate the effects of these elements on your car is very crucial at this period. In this guide, we look at some car maintenance tips to help your Ford car have a good winter.

Part 1 Get your Ford ready for winter

Before the full on-set of winter, you should pay close attention to the condition of your car. We have highlighted some things to do to get you ready for winter car driving.

  1. Engine and Battery
Change your engine oil and ensure that it remains clean all through the winter season because dirty oil can impact negatively on the engine. When the oil is dirty, it will be thicker and cannot flow through the car engine properly. Also check the spark plugs, air intake and air filter, hoses and belts, and fluid levels. You might want to check with your mechanical to get a clean job done. In addition, test the electrical system of your battery and alternator with a voltmeter. Ensure the voltmeter reads anything above 12.4 volts. Keep your car battery charged all through the winter season for it to be functional.

  1. Fuel Level and Antifreeze

Fill up your fuel tank so as to minimize oxidation, and add fuel stabilizer. You might also want to consider detaching the wiring connection for the fuel pump. In addition to this, make sure you seal off any air intakes or exhaust pipes to avoid infestation. Secondly check the car coolant to ensure that the mixture is at the right level. If the water in the cooling system is too much, it can freeze which will block the coolant flow and cause your engine to freeze. Ensure that you have a minimum of 50% antifreeze mixture in the coolant system.

  1. Air Conditioning

During the winter season, you will rarely use the AC because of the cold weather but you should not abandon your air conditioning system. It is recommended that you run your AC for at least ten minutes every week all through the winter period. You should also use your Ford air conditioning system to defrost your car. This will keep the AC in good condition and save you on repair at the end of the season.

  1. Tire and Tire Pressure

To get your car ready for winter, it is recommended that you install Ford winter tires on your car. This will keep you safe on icy roads and also enhance your driving performance. Another alternative is to consistently check your tire pressure and ensure that they are properly inflated.

  1. Car Paint

You have to be very sensitive to your car paint in winter because it can easily lose its shine and luster. Winter also makes your car paint vulnerable to rust and corrosion. To prevent this, consider waxing or coating it to retain its beauty and luster.

Part 2 Car Parking: Snow is coming

How you park your car during winter has a lot to do with the well being of your car. Wipers can freeze when there is heavy snow and ice. You therefore need to defrost the windshield before your turn them on in order to avoid the wiper breaking. When parking, lift the wipers so they don't get stuck on the car due to snow and ice. Before driving out, use the defroster and scrape off the snow. Also check to see that your windshield wipers are in very good condition.

Go for a car protection cover to shelter your car from snow when parking outdoor. A car cover like the Lanmodo car cover is one of the best choice for you. It is portable to carry and can be used anywhere. It is also made of strong fiberglass and durable Oxford cloth to withstand snow and hail. The Lanmodo car cover gives your car full protection all through the winter season.

One the other hand, clean the car regularly with warm water. Also dry it immediately after washing to prevent the water freezing on the body of the car.

Part 3 Winter Driving Tips

  1. Drive carefully on the ice and slippery road. Do not over speed or overtake on snowy roads. You have to focus on the road to avoid any accident.
  2. Keep proper distance from the car ahead of you. This will prevent you from ramming into another car if there is any problem ahead.
  3. Equip your car with some winter items such as snow shovel, and ice scraper; you never know when you will need it.
  4. Watch out for hail and quickly find a safe covered place to hide when you notice it. It is important that you keep an eye on the weather forecast during this season and don't drive out if there is hailing.
  5. Finally, use the emergency number if you are in trouble. Get help from road traffic assistance or others. Do not handle any emergency alone.

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