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Five Ways to Keep Your Vehicle Safe on the Road

Mar 13, 2019, 2:03 pm / Lara

When you're on a road trip, your car becomes your pleasurable and comfortable place, as if you're in your own home. Especially when you make long travels, you can eat your meals here, keep some important things and even make it particularly your own home, where to live. That is why it is very important that you do some things to prevent any damaging or dangerous things from happening to your precious vehicle. Note that preventing yourself from being a victim of car thieves is easy. Here are five things that you should always do to protect the safety of your car.

1. Hide your stuff before reaching your destination

The first rule should be: Don't leave valuables in your car, but if you must, make sure that they are stored carefully, inside your car trunk and do it before you reach the place where you're going. High value items that are displayed in a visible area in your car can immediately attract the attention of robbers. It is also as risky when criminals see you transferring your stuff to your trunk. If you possibly can and they're not too bulky and heavy to carry, bring them with you to your destination.

2. Avoid parking just anywhere

Choose a parking space that is well lit, on a busy street or close to a building entrance or a space in a parking lot that is near the security cameras. Other ideal parking spaces are the airport parking lots and busy streets. Choosing these places can add an extra layer of security to your vehicle. It will also be a protection shield for yourself when you exit your car because highly visible areas are a no no to car thieves. Before leaving your car make sure that all the windows and doors, as well as the trunk, are completely closed and locked. Never leave any car window cracked open.

3. When you become suspicious of your surroundings, use a parking garage

Street parking makes your vehicle susceptible to burglars' attacks, so if you're worried about the safety of your car, use a parking garage. This guarantees that your car won't get damaged or broken into. However, choose one that is not far away from buildings, streets and people and near the attendant or security camera, so as not to compromise your personal safety. Moreover, try to not be too complacent, because some employees of the garage cannot be trusted too.

4. Remember: An uncluttered car is less likely to get robbed

It means that if your car is filled with beach towels and jackets it may attract thieves thinking that you put those things there to conceal something of value. Similarly, wires that stick out in various places inside the car may suggest the presence of electronic devices that are worth stealing. Get rid of those things. If burglars do not see anything that might instigate them to steal, they will not make an attempt to break into your car. So make your vehicle appear as neat as possible, that they won't see anything, but car upholstery. They will throw them off from the desire to steal.

5. Always bring a Lanmodo car cover with you when you travel

Lanmodo car cover is created for the useful purpose of providing protection to your car from the elements of the weather. Set it up after parking and your vehicle will be shielded from the UV rays of the sun, falling leaves, bird poops, acid rain, snow, hail and other falling objects. It is easy to install, easy to use and the folding structure makes this car cover very portable, lightweight and so easy to bring along with you. The materials Oxford and fiberglass are both high quality to make the car cover stable and strong.

Lanmodo car covers do more than keep your car safe from the external elements. Its anti-theft belts, with steel wires go a long way towards preventing your car from getting stolen. Thieves want to get something from an easy target. Once they realize that they need to get the car cover off first, they will be discouraged to make the theft.

The Lanmodo benefits do not end there, though. With extra stand and side canopies, Lanmodo portable car cover can transform into a tent that can enrich your outdoor life. A beach umbrella, camping tent, fishing canopy, party tent, you name it and you're sure to enjoy your activities out of the house.

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