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Five Tips That Will Help to Extend the Life of Your Car

Mar 13, 2019, 8:23 pm / Lara

After getting a new car, a huge responsibility comes to the owner to protect it and maintain its performance as best as possible. Apart from the regular servicing, the owner can extend the car's life by opting for the best possible practices while driving or parking the vehicle. While driving a new car, it must be considered to accelerate and brake slowly to avoid wear and tear on the engine. And while stationary a good car protection cover will do the job of protecting your car.

We have listed a few things for your consideration during the driving and parking of the car to extend the car's life.

1. Go easy on the engine during the brake-in period

The brake-in period is the time when your new car has not covered around a thousand miles after it came out of the showroom. Based on different engines and car manufacturers the miles for break-in period are suggested by the seller.

Do not keep the engine started while the car is stationary for very long, as it could devoid the engine parts of oil, and wear and tear start early.

2. Use car cover for outdoor protection

After you have taken precautions while driving your new car, your work is not done yet. You have to take care of your car while it's parked.

You have to protect your car from falling objects and environmental damage (heat or snow) that may harm the outer surface of your car and make it look dull. So how do you protect the shine of your car while stating outdoors? Like you have shelter for your car at home get one for the road as well, yes, a car cover.

Lanmodo's car protection cover will save your car from snow in the winters, sun in the summer, falling leaves in autumn and worst of all; sudden rains of spring after which anything gets stuck to your car's surface because it is an four-season and all-weather car cover. Its lightweight material makes it easy to carry around anywhere anytime so that you can use it to protect your car without any limitation.

3. Clean your car after rain every time

As we mentioned above, the rain as well as dirt, bird droppings are the nastiest thing for the exterior of your new car or for any car as a matter of fact.

You have to make sure to clean your car if your car was out in the rain without any cover or your car surface will corrode due to the sticky particles on the surface after the rainwater resides on the surface.

After you have taken care of exterior make sure the interior is not moist; that could breed the microorganisms on the interiors. This can be done by soaking the wet parts with a dry cloth or turning on the heating system of the car, so that keep the interior dry.

4. Check car parts regularly

The car is like a clockwork one part stalls the clock starts to show the wrong time and maybe even stop. Each and every part of the car should be regularly checked, sometimes even if there is no problem; a good thorough servicing makes sure that your car life becomes long. Repair any parts that are damaged and buy only the original replacements.

Some parts are easy to ignore and don't look that important, but in the long run, they may affect the performance and reduce car's life overall. These parts can be windshield wipers, tire bolts, tire replacement, and various belts.

5. Drive with care day or night

Drive the car carefully if its day or night, especially while off road, driving. With your careful driving, you can avoid any accidents, and it also extends the car's life. If possible, install a night vision system to your car since it is a driving assistance system that provides you broader vision thus keep you as well as your drive safer when night driving, foggy days and rainy days driving.

Give your car sufficient protection and maintenance then it will service you for a long time.

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