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Clean and Care Your Car During the Rainy Days

Mar 13, 2019, 3:16 pm / Abigail Williams

Rain may seem romantic! But rainwater is not good for the automobile. During the rainy season, cars get dirty on a fast pace and dirt, soil and water damage the car. But if you follow some cleaning regime on a regular basis then you can easily save your car from the potential damages. When you spend your hard-earned money to own a car then you must be worried about the health of the car. If you do not pour attention towards the cleanliness and hygiene of the car then you can get sure you are not going to enjoy your car for a longer time of span.

Fortunately, you care about your car a lot! But maybe you are still not aware of the right ways to clean and care your car during the rainy days. To get the right ways, continue this article-

The body: Must be cleaned thoroughly

You may think that your car will be washed by rain so that you need not to wash it yourself. But is it safe for your car? Unfortunately, the answer is NO! So many dirt and other elements are there in the rainwater and these can heavily affect the car exterior and can invoke the bacteria growth inside the car. And that's why you are suggested to clean the exterior with fresh water and mild car wash shampoo and wipe away by the soft cotton towel. For the interior car care, you can replace the floor mats and seat covers and wipe off the inner side of the windows.

The paint: Acid rain will damage the paint if regardless

There are many pollutants in the rain as you can imagine like acid, dust particles etc. that will stick to your car when it has fallen on with the rain. It hurts the car paint if not remove in time. You should keep a car protection cover with you so that you do not need to leave your car outdoor just under the sun and rain when not in use. If you are planning for a car cover then you can use Lanmodo car cover. It is big in size and properly waterproof. It is easy to use and will protect your car from the potential rain damages. And it does not limit the use for only car protection from rain, you can also use it to shelter your car from hot sun, bird droppings, falling objects like hail and so on.

Sunroof: Cleaning and inspection

It is the weak part in rainy days since it gets dirty easily from rainwater. You should close it before the rain, check if the sunroof is aging which cannot against the rain. And after the rain, do some maintenance such as wash and repair if needed.

The lamps and fog lights

They provide great security for driver's safety in the heavy rain days, therefore, it is very important to check their waterproof ability. You need to check whether there is mist in the lights after rain, if not, then check if lampshade cracked or damaged in the edge seal and replacement of the damaged relevant parts.

In order to keep you see better and drive safer, you can choose to add a driving assistant system such as car night vision system for your car, when there is low visibility of the road, such system can help you see clearly and safely drive on rainy days.

The wiper

It is very important to examine the wiper as it removes the rain on the windshield to offer you a clear road sight. You need to change the wiper after a time. Most of the drivers suggest replacing the wiper after a time as it ensures the better road sight even in the night time. So you can replace the aging or damaged wiper to guarantee a safe drive.

These are the most common and easy ways to keep your car clean and healthy during the rainy days. If you follow these ways properly then you can get sure that your car will run super smoothly even in the rain season. A well-maintained car can run for a longer time of span. And that is the best return instead of your huge investing.

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