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Car Maintenance FAQs

Mar 13, 2019, 3:48 pm / Abigail Williams

Suitable car maintenance is an essential determining factor towards car's health and efficiency. Every part of your car needs to be provided with proper care as the poor performance of any can affect the performance in whole. This article discusses at length car maintenance and answers some of the most commonly asked questions each of which is related to an often underestimated problem.

Q1 How often should I wash my car in rainy seasons?

Many people consider rain to be a completely harmless factor when it comes to taking care of car paint. Unfortunately, it couldn't get more inaccurate than this! When the polluting gasses in the air react with water vapor in the clouds, nitric and sulfuric acids are formed. These further combine with the rain droplets and end up causing "acid rain". Even though it's not of very intense nature, this very acid rain, when constantly in contact with your car's body, can disintegrate the paint molecules and cause the shiny look to become duller and faded.

This process begins when the acid rain left over your car starts drying. Thus, for the sake of precaution, it is highly recommended to give a brief shower to your car every time it drenches in the rain. This is to ensure that acidic and other dangerous elements have been successfully gotten rid of.

Q2 Is it a good idea to park my car under the tree in hot days?

It is certainly better than letting your car get cooked under the scorching heat of the sun. However, there are high chances of bird droppings, tree sap, fallen leaves and other unnecessary and undesirable things that may pose a threat to your car's paint. You should always try to find a sheltered parking spot and if that's not available, the Lanmodo car cover is your ultimate solution in such a case.

This car canopy not only covers the entire body of your vehicle but also protects it from any kind of falling objects like bricks. In addition, the Lanmodo car cover is durable, foldable and small enough to fit inside your vehicle's trunk. Hence, you can take it out whenever you need and create a VIP sheltered parking spot for yourself.

Q3 How to start my car which has been stored 5 months?

Since the car has been stored for such a long time, it's very likely that its fluids and filters may have passed out. Thus, the first step is to make all the necessary replacements for anything which could have expired.

Now, the most important part is the battery. If you disconnected it and stored it away in a safe place free from moisture, then you're all good. You just need to clean its posts and terminals, give it a baking soda bath and reinstall it. On the other hand, if this is not the case, you should get a new battery to ensure efficient performance.

Now finally, introduce some lubrication to the cylinders and other parts of the car to ensure everything goes smoothly enough. Once done, ignite your vehicle and start rolling!

Q4 Why is tire pressure important?

Having the right amount of tire pressure is a foremost factor to safety. Low tire pressure is the number one cause of premature wearing out of tire and unstable driving. In some extreme conditions when you're pushing too hard on the same tires with low pressure, it is possible for them to literally blow out and end you up in a miserable situation.

Q5 How do I know when my wiper blades need to be replaced?

The default health of a wiper blade is 6 months. Those that are of very high quality can even last a year but this is their standard life span. However, if you're unsure about how old your car's wipers are, look out for some common signs such as the inability of the wiper to make a complete contact with the windscreen or the emergence of squeaky sounds, chattering, inefficient cleaning and etc.

Q6 Is there any DIY way to restore faded car paint?

A quick and easy way to restore the faded paint and its shiny look would be to use a polishing agent. These are inexpensive fluids that can restore your car to its original appearance within just a few seconds of its application.

In addition, there are also car paint restoration kits which come in the form of a bundle consisting of various items to give your car a complete rehabilitation session.

Q7 Which car cover should I buy for my outdoor parked car?

An ideal car cover would be durable, strong, protective against UV rays of the sun and undesirable elements like bird droppings, falling leaves and tree sap. At the same time, it should be easy to carry around, convenient enough to travel with and be a source of comfy shade for your vehicle.

It is difficult to find such an all-in-one vehicle cover but the Lanmodo car canopy possesses all of these traits and much more. It is a remote-controlled product that can be closed and opened with the touch of a few buttons and foldable and small enough to fit inside the trunk of your car.

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